Who knows us best? Spouses? Adult children? Friends?

by Paisley 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Paisley


    Depends on the spouse, whether self-centered or sensitive to others' feelings and thoughts.

    Bingo! Sometimes I think we may be so concerned about how our mate's behavior affects us, that we forget completely that the more important thing is, why do they feel the way they do?? If we would get to the bottom of that, understand that, their behavior toward us just might change for the better.

    My experience, anyway.

  • Paisley


    Definitely not my spouse. He just does not get me at all. I would have to say my Mom knows me best for sure. My best friend used to be my #1 gal, but we have such different lifestyles know, that she doesn;t get me like she used to. I think I know my Mom best. She may have a different opinion, but I know otherwise. I can read her like an open book!

    Sounds like a reciprocal understanding there, between you and your mother, mama. So nice to be in sync.

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