How much more can a person take?

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  • BabaYaga

    Yes, Juni, we love ya gal...

    Hugs to you, Hon...

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    I love you, Juni!

    Here, you gotta watch this, I guarantee you will smile in spite of yourself:

    (Whenever I'm feeling really anxious about things, Mike/OFG says to me "Don't forget what three little birds told me, Sweetheart." He actually found this on You Tube a few nights ago.)

    Don't worry 'bout a thing. Every little thing, Juni, is gonna be alright. ((((((((JUNI)))))))

  • Warlock
    Why do you have to get depressed for the bad state of the world? It's not your fault that there is so much unpleasantness going on and there is nothing we can do to change this.


    I know this is a good way to look at it, and it will save us from much pain, but some are just more sensitive to what is going on. I try and view things as you stated above, but sometimes things just 'get' to you.


  • Virgochik

    Juni, sometimes life just SUCKS, just acknowledge that...and it also always gets better, and then we're so glad we stuck it out. The smell of spring air, flowere coming up, baby birds singing... yeah, it's worth trudging thru the muck, that's what I tell myself. Do something nice for yourself today!

  • agapa37

    Its actually a wonderful world

    What planet do you live on?

  • JWdaughter

    Juni, you recognized that you are having a particularly bad day, and you know that most days don't seem so bleak. Things are what they are. We only have the stuff in front of us that we have any kind of perceived control over. I hope tomorrow your world feels a little more controllable to you. Some philosopher said, "Out of the muck comes the Lotus" (paraphrased) I guess you can make of that what you wish. My dad said it this way when he gardened and was spreading manure in the patch. . .Honey, the crap makes the flowers grow bigger. . . so I guess we have to let the crap in our lives do its work until we bloom out of the muck of it all. I hope the sun shines brightly on you this weekend.

  • Abandoned


    I know you didn't want sympathy, but one of the things that does make life bearable is that some do understand and care.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Juni,

    I hope you are better today. Could not view replies to your sadness. Please hang in there and keep in mind that story I told you about the conversion of the doubting JW lady while in service (at a minister's home). There is good happening on many fronts; I'll try to share more later with you via PM.



  • Crumpet

    Its actually a wonderful world; the majority of people are well meaning; historically we've never been so secure concerning our physical needs; and husbands usually love their wives even if they are regularly negligent in showing it.

    Hope your day starts to improve - it's Friday and the weekend is upon us

    Juni - I don't often agree with Little Toe (its more fun to argue), but he's so right with this. I am constantly startled and amazed and touched by human kindness. And I know that if there wasn;t such an unkind background to my life I wouldn't appreciate this half so much. Thats not to say I dont feel like you sometimes, but it just makes me more determined to be that bit better and to throw random acts of kindness or just smiles to strangers. (incidentally smiling at hotties that are ripped is not a kindness - but smiling or passing the time of day with elderly gentlemen and ladies who might otherwise not get a lot of human interaction that day is. I'm getting in practice for when I get old so I can smile at forlorn younger fifty somethings who think the world is a terrible place!!!) Hugs to you Juni xx

  • mia_b

    ((((Juni)))) I agree with Crumpet and do random acts of kindness. There may not be much that can be done for the "big picture" but u can do loads on the little one.

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