Justifying God’s Organization Against All The Facts

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  • done4good
    Something PERSONAL has to happen to a JW for the fog to clear. Once it clears, even just

    a little, then the alarm can go off: DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!! DANGER!!!!!

    Sadly, it almost always needs to happen this way. Otherwise, using facts and common sense alone, usually only meets with frustrating the jw you are trying to reason with.


  • done4good
    Not nearly so easy at it sounds. But also true.

    On the "member of the UN" thing -- The Watchtower was inappropriately a member of an organization controlled by Satan (according to them, of course). So they allegedly realized this and quit. Problem solved, right? Except, what if Joe Publisher became a member of the YMCA? Could HE simply quit, and all would be forgiven? No, he would be subjected to a judicial committee. They would not disfellowship him IF he was repentant. How would he demonstrate that repentance? He'd have to admit it, say he was sorry, agree that it was wrong and not to do it again. THEN they would accept him, almost surely with "restrictions". If he held any position in the congregation -- elder, pioneer, etc -- those would be taken away from him.

    Where is the Watchtower's evidence of repentance? Did they meet with the JC, and take their licks like Joe? Hardly! They've never even publicly admitted they were ever a member, let alone apologized for it.

    By their own standards, the Watchtower is an unrepentant wrongdoer.

    Well said, AA.


  • pobthespazz

    Facts ? What facts? There isn't any , never have been , never will be..

  • Rooster

    Justifying (Satan's) Organization Against All The Facts

    Regardless of how many facts a person has standing against
    the Watchtower Society it is still Satan’s Organization.

    Eyes That Cannot See, Ears That Cannot Hear

    My friend knows of the Watchtower’s involvement with
    the United Nations and yet defends the Society.

    Perhaps, they made a mistake, so we need to be forgiving
    was the general attitude.

    A second web document of evidence about the Society
    and its involvement with politics was met with silence.

    Child Molestation

    The attitude about the child molestation issue was more or
    less the Society could not legally expose these individuals
    because it would be legally wrong to do so.

    So what advice can you offer about this?


    The Wanderer

    Yes Satan is the God of the WTBTS..

  • pobthespazz

    Rooster ... Well said , could not say it better............

  • yaddayadda

    Avidbiblereader said: "Hows come it when ever the Society is exposing someone it is for everyones benefit to get out of them but not them, why is it that no one else can be imperfect except them? The measuring stick they have used on others will be used on them according to the JUDGE Christ."

    The above logic is perhaps the best and most powerful way to deal with persons like that. Persons who insist that it is still God's organisation no matter how many faults, hypocrisy, etc, you point out to them are susceptible to the above argument. Why should not severely judge persons belonging to other Christian religions, because equally, they are also imperfect and perhaps just 'made a mistake'. The JW defender can only defend against this by resorting to distinguishing 'true' religion from 'false' religion by means of subjective degrees/scales of doctrinal 'truth', measuring one set of doctrines against another. The way to refute that defense is to then point out that there are quite a few other religions and many thousands of worshippers who teach very similar doctrines as JW's (The Bible Students, Christadelphians, Herbert Armstrong derived groups, SDA's, Biblical Unitarians, etc). So why are all these other groups rejected by God when they have the same 'framework' of doctrinal truth as JW's? The JW apologist can then be helped to be more reasonable about assessing their own religion in contrast to others.

    The thing is, you cannot prove that JW's are NOT the true religion. You can only prove that ALL religions are teaching falsehoods in various degrees, and they all have hypocritical religious leaders, legalism, etc, and therefore NONE of them can logically be the single, one, true religion. Getting the loyal JW to see that God and Christ are more interested in what is in a persons heart is more important than adherence to a set of creeds does a lot more to break down their defences than arguing over specific issues.

  • sspo


    If you convince him that it's nothing but a big lie and the GB knows about it

    then everything else is a lie in their claim that Jesus is directing them since then.

    I tried this with my ex wife but it did not work, maybe your friend will be more reasonable than she was.

  • Borgia

    You may find "Captives of a Concept" to be pretty spot on as to the WHY this defending despite overwhelming evidence occurs. The funny thing is that they'd rather believe their spouse to be unfaithfull than the WTS when confronted with the same level of evidence. Let´s face it: WTS was caught in the act, pretty unskirted I´d say.....



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