Is this a fair statement?

by Uzzah 6 Replies latest jw friends

  • Uzzah

    "I imagine pretty much every Witness has ended up having to shun someone they once loved"

  • kwintestal

    Yes, considering the love they're to have amongest themselves.


  • jaguarbass

    That depends on your defintion of love? During my 32 years in the organization I remember 2 people that I had to stop talking to for a while, one, an older gentleman who couldnt or wouldnt stop smoking. And one musician brother who kept fornicating. I cant say I loved either of them. Still, for me, belonging to such an organization does not float my boat. I was raised in the organization so I had little choice. If a person knows the rules going in and chooses to belong to such an organization. That's a personal decision. Probably a decision that a person with a lot of issues would make. But hey, the worlds a sick place and I'm a happy guy!


  • avidbiblereader

    Yes I did and feel horrendous for doing so.


  • Finally-Free

    You don't have to be DF'd, DA'd, or inactive to be shunned. Some JWs in "good standing" are shunned because they're not the "flavour of the month" or in a clique. Also, if a person is having any type of problems in life they are shunned. I remember after a knee injury laid me up for 3 months the only person who came to see me was the congregation drunk. At least he had enough sense to bring some good rum.


  • Odrade

    True for me. So much wasted time...

  • mouthy

    I never actually shunned anyone when I saw a brother that had been D/F for giving Blood ( to his friend who had an accident) I winked at him.... Sorta helped my conscience .....Lovley seeing my favorite security guard Uzzah

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