My Bethel Experience part 8

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  • Kudra

    "Roy Baty" -that is SUCH a familiar name to me too...

    maybe sounds like some film star's name???

  • SirNose586
    If you weren't Gay or and NPG at bethel, you were homopobia...........I knew some bethelities who beat the shit out of some gay guys in "the Heights" one night just for the hell of it. AH the love. There was this one new boy that got jumped walking to the squib building from the 124, by 2 thugs. It guess he was a black belt before coming into the borg...........He kick their asses one guy was draging the other guy back to their car and begging him to stop the beating...............He went to George Couch the next day to turn himself in.........George said don't worry about it......He was our hero, we loved him.

    Whoa...what a crazy place. I thought violence and homophobia had no place in God's House? Guess not.

  • new boy
    new boy

    Roy good friend who won't talk to me any more, because of the DA thing lives in Sacramento Calif. area with his wife Mary Lyn. I miss him.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    "Roy Baty" was the name of the character Rutger Hauer played in the movie "Bladerunner."

    He was a replicant who knew he was scheduled for "retirement" (assasination) and fought to stay alive.

  • moshe

    What amazes me is all the criminal acts at Bethel that should have been reported to the police, but weren't. Peeping toms in the womens bathroom, no less!- try that in a public restroom in NYC and see what happens!

  • Kaput
  • Fatfreek

    Ah -- my dear friend Kaput. I will certainly enjoy the links. A great big Thank You!

    ps: I got your PM.


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    In leiu of what someone said earlier about lurkers taking note I would like to add, All that the new boy is telling you is true to this day. I was at bethel from 94-96 and I have almost Identical stories to tell. 25 years apart and not a damn thing has change...except for doctrinal light.

  • MinisterAmos


    I see you've got your "NPG" avatar.

    Prince and the New Power Generation

  • hambeak

    I knew a few who went to bethel from my congregation. And I knew they had gay tendencies.

    I am gay and the gaydar was on They later married and divorced and are miserable. too bad I know they are queer as we did do some messing around

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