How long?

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  • OnTheWayOut

    There are elders who make their plan before stepping aside. I don't know how long
    they can hold on. I started 2006 pretty sure that I needed to leave the borg, eventually.
    I had been doing research from the WTS only, and came to my decision. I opened up the
    floodgate to apostate material in mid-2006, then submitted a resignation letter in August.
    I couldn't stand up there and support the doctrine from the podium. The rest would have
    been easier.

    You can approach the body of elders, if you are unsure of the next step. Tell them you
    know your service is low, other problems. Establish some problem of depression. You
    could even go to a pychiatrist or counselor to ask about depression for some weight to
    what you say. Ask the body if you should step aside. If they say no, you can continue
    what you are doing. If they say yes, you can tell the wife they asked you to do it.

  • grey matters
    grey matters

    I like Aude's suggestion. My wife's biggest fear as I faded out and left the org was that I was going to leave her too.

    It helps a lot to do whatever you can to mitigate that fear.

  • freedomloverr

    ...what Blondie said....

    it can't go on forever my friend....

  • jeanV

    xbehere, I can sympathise as I am in a similar situation. as to the how long, from the other elders point of view, it will very much depend on whether you have some hardcore ones in your body (the ex bethelite sort that love rules and regulations). If they are easy going, it could go on forever.

    with regard to you, it depends how long you can (or have to) live a lie.

    My wife's biggest fear as I faded out and left the org was that I was going to leave her too

    the problem is if she wants to remain in the organisation. Fading might be ok but you still have to live by certain rules even if you do not agree with them (and it might be hard if you have children). DA/DF living with someone that is still active JW, cannot last, imo.

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