I'm looking for hard to find WT publications

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  • blondie

    For text ones before 1917, try some of the BS sites. I have them stored at home and will try to post them here unless someone else does.

  • mavie

    Great link LL!

    I"m something of a reference nut myself and will be downloading the missing bits of my collection.

    Has anyone compiled all this into a comprehensive archive?

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    The text of the 1921 edition of 'The Harp of God' is on the Strictly Genteel site:




    http://www.strictlygenteel.co.uk/booklets/news.html (This Good News of the Kingdom)

    I think they are scanned originals, but hard to tell. There may be some other articles there too, worth a look if you haven't seen this site before.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Jeff and LL

    I'v'e raided both of them.

    And by no means does the Russell website have all of his writings.. A conservative estimate would be about half

    A search for Berean has given me some interesting possibilities

    Both Russell and Rutherford were prolific in their ability to churn out material. Froam an earlier post of mine about the Studies in the Scriptures was that he had previously published the same material under the name of Millenian Dawn and sent out colporteurs to sell the Studies to the exact same people that had bought the Millenial books.

    A comparison of the two would be interesting.

    And it seems there are different publishing dates for some of the Studies series.

    Both Russell and Rutherford had this really bad habit of needing to edit their books. Sometimes with the same title but added REVISED but other times publications appear with a slight twist on the name

    • The Kingdom
    • The Kingdom is Nigh
    • The Kingdom is at Hand

    Are these the same book but revised or just the title changed? Are a couple books and perhaps a booklet? Are they are really different?

    Some of the later books are on CDs and I have those up to the 2005 CD, Not sure if a later one has cone out yet

    Most of us realize that the WTS is a "snare and a racket". But just how far does this go? How many times were we conned into peddling the same book to the same people?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Wikipedia, strictlygenteel and the Catholic forum have been raided as well

    I have several hundred of the publications already. A few are in html format, and a few in text.

    I will be formatting them into pdf as I get them and check for duplicates

    I had to move them off my hard drive that is exclusively for WT info - I was getting messages that the drive was full. I think it was around 5 gb/+250 files that I had to move and that was only half of what is out there

    Once we find it all an archive somewhere would be great

  • blondie
  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    wow the network 54 led me to this

    Complete Bible Student Web Site List

    I might be busy a while

  • needproof

    looks like you run across a little goldmine, Lady Lee ! Thanks for sharing the link.

  • Merry Magdalene
    Merry Magdalene

    I have "Let Your Name Be Sanctified" (1961)

    and the question booklet for Finished Mystery

    and a scanner


  • Leolaia

    One tract I'd really like to find is "Where Are the Nine?", published in 1928. It apparently was written in response to the huge decreases that followed the 1925 date.

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