I'm looking for hard to find WT publications

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  • VanillaMocha73

    I have most of those - PM me and we can see what I can do.... The list was too long for me to go through piece by piece at work, but I will list out what I have (I'm going from memory at the moment as I am not at home).

  • VanillaMocha73

    * 1879 Songs of the Bride-C.T. Russell
    * 1880 Poems and Hymns of Millennial Dawn Pretty sure I have this
    * 1881 The Tabernacle and Its Teachings I may very well have this - I'm not sure
    * 1881 Watch Tower Tracts (Bible Students Tracts)
    * 1882 Outlines of Sermons: The Tabernacle and Its Teachings
    * 1882 The Minister's Daughter
    * 1886 Studies in the Scriptures (six booklets bound)-C.T. Russell - My mom has these
    * 1887 Arp Slip (Arp Tract)
    * 1889 No. 01-Do the Scriptures Teach That Eternal Torment Is the Wages of Sin?:-C.T. Russell
    * 1889 No. 02-The Scripture Teaching on Calamities, and Why God Permits Them:-C.T. Russell
    * 1889 No. 04-Dr. Talmage's View of the Millennium:-C.T. Russell
    * 1889 Studies in the Scriptures 1: Divine plan of the ages My mom has this -the pyramid version
    * 1889 The Old Theology (Bible Students' Tracts)
    * 1890 Joseph B. Rotherham's New Testament, Second Edition-
    * 1890 No. 06-The Scripture Teaching Concerning the World's Hope:-C.T. Russell
    * 1890 No. 07-The Wonderful Story of Wisdom, Love and Grace Divine:-C.T. Russell

  • VanillaMocha73

    1891- 1900 - if they are in the bound volumes for those years my mother has them.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    OK It is important that the years match.

    I have several PDF versions that I want to compare so it is important that I find copies of the missing years.

    1886 Studies in the Scriptures (six booklets bound)-C.T. Russell - My mom has these

    This interesting but way to much to scan. I should have removed it from the list but thanks

    PM on the way

  • needproof

    Check out the Bible students site if you haven't already, you can download old Russell books there.

    I once started a collection, but I sold some old Rutherford books for vastly inflated prices.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Thanks needproof

    I've been there and to a few other sites. If anyone does know of a site for me to check I'd be more than happy to go take a look

  • needproof

    I think one of the Bible Student's sites has a forum, perhaps you could ask there also. I know Randy at Freeminds creates re-prints.

  • needproof

    Lady Lee,

    Have you checked this out? Downloadable PDF's available!


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Lady Lee -

    All of Russell's Writings are here I believe;



  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Lady Lee,

    Wow!! That is quite a list!! Looks like you are making quite a Library!! This link may give you what you are looking for.


    Happy reading!!


    Lady Liberty

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