What movie(s) should EVERY JW see?

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  • lisaBObeesa

    The Truman Show. Every JW should see that movie, several times.

  • lonelysheep

    The Matrix

    The God Who Wasn't There

    National Treasure

    The DaVinci Code

    Leap of Faith

  • Finally-Free

    A lot of good movies are listed here, but I doubt most JWs would make a connection. They need to start with something basic, something they can understand. I think any cartoon starring Elmer Fudd would be good. Since so many elders sound like him the JWs would have little trouble understanding what is said.

  • Junction-Guy

    Amanda and I saw National Treasure. It was a good movie, but most dubs wont make a connection with the masonic symbolism in that movie.

  • *jeremiah*

    Devils Playground.a documentary.its about when amish teens turn 16,they are given the chance to live 'in the world'..if after that year is up,they choose to come back into the faith,all is forgiven..80% do!!!!!dubbas could learn from the hugging vs/mugging technique....

    Aquagirl, I agree the Devils Playground would be an excellent documentary for JW's and ex-JW's to see. This is my favorite documentary of all time. Its so good. I disagree, though, that JW's could learn something in a positive way from this Amish tradition. If anything they will be able identify with these teenagers but in the negative ways of both religions. Devils Playground is a documentary about a few Amish teens who turn 16, they have the opportunity to venture out in the "Devil's Playground" (the Amish's term for the outside world) and indulge in 21st century vices such as drinking and smoking and cars. At the end of this period, called "Rumspringa," they can choose to commit to the church for good. Or not. This documentary tracks 18-year-old Faron's struggle to reconcile his drug addiction with his deeply ingrained desire to live the Amish life. Yes if the young people choose to commit to the church at the end of their rumspringa then all is forgiven. However,...if they don't want to commit to the church their whole family and all friends disown them and shun them for the rest of their lives. They can never ever come back into the church. So imagine being 16-19 yrs old and struggling with this once in a lifetime decision(many ex-dubs can). Many of these kids don't want to live the Amish life but also don't want to lose their families. (Sound familiar) The stress and pressure on these kids is unbarable to the point where they get deeply into drugs and depression and have no idea what they will do. They are soooo confused. If anything the semi-doubting JW will be able to see correlations between the two religions as far as the way they both force members to make decisions out of fear rather than love. etc. etc.

  • alamb

    1. Pleasantville

    2. The Matrix

    3. The Village

    Not in that order.

  • UnConfused

    Equilibrium - a movie about how your need to suppress your feelings in order to fit in. It's pretty good at making you reflect on JWism.


  • undercover

    Some good ones have already been mentioned such as The Matrix, Pleasantville, The Village and 1984

    A couple that I had connected with:

    TheManchurian Candidate (the original version)


    Dark City

  • Paisley

    Good topic; thanks all. I'll be getting some of those right away for my son. Interestingly, he owns 1984 and speaks of Fahrenheit as being one of his all time favorites already, as well as Matrix.

    I hope it means something!

  • bigwilly


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