Watchtower as a United Nations NGO - new article

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  • jwfacts

    There are a number of great articles on the UN association, and it has been covered here extensively, but I notice newbies asking about the Watchtower/UN association and so have posted a comprehensive article at Particularly interesting is the 1991 application form, as it shows that in 1991 the Watchtower agreed to lodging annual reports in order to keep their status.

  • skyking

    Can you provide the link for us. Your post the page is narrower than the page is wide so I have to move my cursor on every line I read. Very aggravating

  • jwfacts

    Hi Skyking, i have edited it to include the link. Time to get a widescreen :)

  • skyking

    did not notice the link I will read thanks

  • skyking

    Thanks I will contact the UN and ask for a copy for my records of the angreement that they signed this will come in handly.

  • xjwms

    Good job.


  • thetrueone

    Nice work ...thank you

  • orangefatcat

    Thanks for the reminder it is always good to have it posted from time to time.

    I just love how the WatchTower in the first letter says, that they had no papers in there files as to what was involved. Sure it wasn't in their files, because they didn't want anyone to find any evidence with their fornication with the worldly visible organization of SATAN the DEVIL.

    They appreciate they say how grateful they are for having had this information brought to their attention. what liars. They knew and they covered it up and like most people who are decietful eventually are found out. It like that saying .

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to decieve. And that is what the WTS does.

    Lately the organization is being exposed and when your caught with you pants off, then you know your in real trouble.


  • nonamegiven

    "Hi Skyking, i have edited it to include the link. Time to get a widescreen :) "

    Are you offering to upgrade us poor folks?? I'd like to be 2nd in line behind Skyking please ;)

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