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  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Is "faith in God" a level of suspicion about existence ? I postulate that it is not.

    It was put forward in a thread above that jws must have had some 'faith in an unseen deity', but I reflected that they must have simply had a notion regarding the existence of another power, and that faith in someone reflects a belief in the quality of another, not just a suspicion of quantity.

    Jws normally do not have faith in the deity described in scripture and hence, in a confused fear, work in the attempt to appease and be accepted, not only misunderstanding love in general but misrepresenting the same to others. The mandate for performance of works is a faith in the value of their own effort (and that there is likely a deity who is like a boss-man).


    I'll give an example of two men and their wives

    One man tries to appease his demanding wife by giving and buying her things, doing the things that pleases her in fear that she may not approve of him - now and then she threatens to leave but it's hard to tell what's on her mind.

    The other man greets his wife when she gets home, is not suspicious of where she has been, chats about what she's been up to, asks how she's doing, helps out with whatever's appropriate, repects her individuality, goes and does his own things, and sits down to eat together and have a conversation later.

    Both believe their wife exists, but which one has faith in his wife ?

  • RAF

    I guess that if nobody answered yet is because they just agree with you ... it make sense

  • Narkissos

    I agree on your definitions, and illustration. The Biblical notion of faith is never a mere belief in God's existence.

    Now I wouldn't necessarily follow you on generalisations about JWs. Imo there is faith, too, in many of them. In spite of their doctrines perhaps but it is there nonetheless.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    The Biblical notion of faith is never a mere belief in God's existence.

    Even "belief in God's existence" is more than a notion - a notion is a belief of postulation - a possibility.

    A belief is something held up as essentially true - like I believe my hands are attached because I'm using them - whereas if I considered it a likely that the Broncos will win on the weekend, my belief is that they might - my belief is in a possibility, rather than a concurrence of my reality. As with faith, "belief in" is more than a notion of possibility - belief in a possibility is what a belief in a possibility is.


    Words to convey are used in such a fleeting fashion - the term "faith in God" would best be written "a notion about the existence of God" if it were the intended meaning, and likewise - "belief in God" would better be written "belief in the possibility of a God" if that indeed was the intended meaning.

    These phrases describe something much more tangible than an accepted notion or a postulated philosphy.

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    All I ever heard (growing up a jw) regarding faith was that "faith without works is dead" - meaning that if you did not go out in field svc and bring others into the fold, your faith was meaningless. Well, I guess it doesn't bring the society much money if all its members have is faith, but don't work for free and bring it more money by bringing in more free labor and followers who will buy and re-sell the books and other Wt crap.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Faith without works indicates spiritual death - even the demons believe, and shudder

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    A Paduan

    You hit the nail right the head! Faith in Jesus is not that He exists, it's that He has done everything needed to save me!

  • onacruse

    Hello A Paduan...we meet again. I hope that all has been well with you.

    Both believe their wife exists, but which one has faith in his wife?

    In accord with what MQ said, regarding the oft-quoted "faith without works is dead":

    I have faith in my wife (Kate) because she shows me, in words spoken, and in actions unspoken, that she loves me, as a person. If she did not, then I would not have faith in essence, I would not believe that she understands the me that I mean to be, for myself and for her. Her "works" toward me give me reason to have faith in her.

    If we take that "equation of faith," and look for the reciprocity, then I would have to say that I don't have, nor did I ever really have (a realistic basis) for faith in God.

    There is, after all, an "equal sign" in faith.


  • greendawn

    Christians were not called to a state of fear but to one of love. The dubs are too works oriented and perceive God as a Lord, just like the Jews, and not a loving Father. That is their great underlying problem they do not have the Spirit of adoption (by God).

  • ellderwho
    In spite of their doctrines perhaps but it is there nonetheless.

    Agreed Nark, however they have faith in Gods earthly organization, and that stands as proof their faith is not in vain.

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