My Bethel Experience part 7

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  • confusa

    Just loooooove your experiences and I can't wait until you get to the part where you meet your wife.......I know you guys are divorced, but do you hear from her time to time?

  • gymbob


    I saw my ex-wife (SPIT!) today as a matter of fact....first time in months. She's a diehard dub.

  • lawrence

    Just great! Keep em coming. BTW, do you still drink the 1/2 gallons?

  • new boy
    new boy

    To Trueseeker

    Sorry never saw any lock Library.......Urban myth.

    To Pratti.............I LOVE NEW YORK CITY!!

    I had NO money to speak of when I was at bethel in the 70's. As nice as now, How nice would it be today, on a 100 bucks a month and room and board..........Not all bethelities had it as good as the ones in your hall. Midtown when I was there had over 70 bethelities in their hall. My room mate remembers getting one meal in two years there..........every congo is different.

  • SirNose586

    Man, how did those pervs get away with that stuff??

    Oh right, this is the same place that saw nothing wrong with Jesus Cano. Nevermind.

    Thanks for another chapter in your saga.

  • TheListener

    Ahhhhh the memories.

    Thanks New Boy.

  • bernadette
    I knew a guy who who was mugged in New York.......The guy put a gun to his head and said "give me your money or I'm going to blow your BRAINS out"!........The man said " YOU better shoot........because I know one can live in New York with out brains....but you GOT to have MONEY"!

    Sounds like bethel humour - a must

  • greendawn

    Seems like being at Bethel is a downtrodding experience, Bethelites with some flexibility and imagination could make up for it by enjoying secret sexual relationships while working there. It's a place without any real spirituality despite being the HQ of "God's only true organisation on earth today". They do not understand what the true organisation is supposed to be like.

  • pobthespazz

    the house of jehoobhaa really does suck

  • Crumpet
    My friend Jim Pipkorn.....worked a funeral home in "the village"...........The stories I could tell you about that place, that would be a whole 2 page thread in it self.

    Well when you have finished your bethel chronicles i would love to hear about this. I'm finding your descriptions of New York and the eccentrics living there just as intriguing as the rest of your stories! Brilliant!

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