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  • FadeToBlack
    I think that since I am the sole wage-earner in our household, I need to make it clear to my wife that I don't want any of my hard-earned wages going to the WT. I know she makes a monthly contribution to an animal shelter and I am fine with that. What do you think?
  • wannabefree

    I think that is something to discuss, however, I would assume that even though you are the sole wage earner, your wife provides a value to you so that you share your wages with her and she should have some say in the matter.

    I would say ... HELL NO ... to donating, but your wife should have some input too.

    What's next? Tell her she can't have money to attend the convention or assembly? Take away her freedom to choose her religion?

    You could divorce her, pay her alimony, then let her decide where that money is spent without your input.

  • freemindfade
    I agree. On both. No to jw.cult and yes to animal rescue.
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    I think you are within your rights!
  • OneEyedJoe
    You might do a comparison of charities. Does the animal shelter publish public statements so you know where the money is going? Does jw.Borg? Is the animal shelter using money to pay sex abuse settlements? If you think you can bring it up without creating another problem you could show the $13.5 million judgement that resulted in the cult's failure to provide the court with required documents and to provide loesch to testify. That judgement would certainly have been lower had they complied, so if they've got that much cash to waste, they don't need your hard earned money.
  • FadeToBlack
    @wannabefree: of course I don't discount her contribution to making it work. Her retirement is used for paying off our mortgage (less than 10K) , If she feels strongly about it after watching recent PBS child-abuse video we may have a problem.
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    Tell her that the Org has more money coming in from every direction, than it's ever had, while it is cutting costs in every way it can. So why would the Org need her money?
  • DesirousOfChange

    Show her CT Russell's quote about never begging for money lest it be an indication that they have lost Jehovah's favor. We currently see the constant begging and conniving schemes to extract money (surely she sees it too), isn't it time to step back and see what is going on within the Organization? Have they lost Jehovah's favor?


  • FadeToBlack
    Good point Searcher. I will remind her that we need that XXX amount more than they do. I don't recall getting any subsidies from the WT when I was out of work (although, to be honest and fair, I did get some 'friends' that lent us some money to get by: but isn't that what normal people do?)
  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri
    reemindfade 2 hours ago
    I agree. On both. No to jw.cult and yes to animal rescue.
    How about jw rescue?

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