Dog praised for life-saving call

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  • needproof

    A US dog has won an award for saving her owner's life by dialling a phone number that alerted emergency services to her owner's diabetic seizure.

    Belle the beagle triggered a call to an ambulance crew by biting on her owner, Kevin Weaver's, mobile phone.

    The dog was trained to detect potential diabetic attacks by licking and sniffing Mr Weaver's nose to check his blood sugar levels and pawing him.

    Belle resorted to dialling for help when Mr Weaver fell unconscious.

    The dog used her teeth to press the number nine key, which the phone was programmed to interpret as a "911" call to emergency services.

    Read the BBC article here


    What a dog!!!


  • juni

    In the apartment complex I was living in there was a guy w/a large lab. He found this lab in Taos, NM so therefore named him Taos. He was his buddy. The guy suffered from seizures and Taos could detect when he was going to have one and would push him so he would go lay on the floor.

    Just on our news last night there was another account of a dog saving someone's life. A woman had an accident and her car went off the road into a deep ditch and knocked her unconscious. A german shepherd who was living in the wild came up to her and drug her badly bloodied body up out of the ditch onto the road and layed beside her.

    A passing motorist stopped and used the cell phone to get emergency help. Now the dog is going to be trained for search and rescue. I believe the woman is all right.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    It's said that a dog is a mans best friend, and this dog certainly proved to be.

  • lost_light06

    And who said Americans were stupid?

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