Never ending drama with Mom

by reneeisorym 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • LovesDubs

    JWs are control freaks....she wants you to "prove you love her" by being censored by her?

    you did good

  • bebu

    Hi rene,

    If you asked your mom to prove her love for you by being untrue to her beliefs, do you think she would agree? How could she ask such a thing here??

    You might say, Mom, I will gladly take those things down if you can help me see I was wrong about them. Research further than me and convince me, and then I will easily do as you say.

    Hang in there!!! And btw, nice myspace site.


  • reneeisorym
    It will prove your love for me for sure.

    Why do I have to prove I love her?! Letting her control me is not a display of love. Putting up with her garbage on the otherhand is!!

    Don’t drag my religion down any more I don’t yours. I still hurt over all this and always will.

    WHAT? Isn't this the same religion that thinks Christians are babylon the great and will be distroyed at Armageddon?

    You have punish me enough.

    Me punish her? I just changed religions. That didn't have anything to do with her. Its her fault that she's shunning me!

    And lastly... why is it always "ME ME ME"?! Why can't she say, "I am worried about you and I don't want you to be distroyed at armageddon because I love you."

  • anewme

    Me too, I think you answered your mom well. Parents need to learn they are not the owners of their children, simply the guardians of them. What beliefs children ultimately embrace or politics or viewpoints is not under the control of the parents.

    You could add in your myspace info that you had a wonderful mother or something....or that your views hurt your mothers feelings, but nonetheless, although you love her personally, this is how you feel.

    I dont know. Long ago I told my mom to F-off and never saw her again. Im not proud of that. It is so easy to dismiss our parents feelings and not want to deal with "the drama" as you put it.
    But one day they are gone and all you have is the memory of how you treated them.

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    Renee, this sounds exactly like my mom too.

    She is probably angry that you look happy without her religion.

    My mom said those same things about my MySpace in a "carefully thought-out" email she wrote me. I changed my MySpace so that the URL was different. She or my sister sought out the new one and then claimed they hadn't but all of a sudden knew things about me that were only on my MySpace page. So I made it private, and then they made up lies as to why it's private.

    My sister called me up (last June I believe - last time we spoke on the phone) to say if I had pictures up of my niece and nephew she would "never forgive me." I don't, out of respect for her, though since my page is private she will never believe it.

    It's nuts. You are a good person. I'm sorry you are dealing with this.

    (edited to add that "they" made up lies about why my page was private, not me - whoops)

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Renee, as you must know, she's just playing the emotional blackmail card. If you give in, she'll just keep pushing you to 'show how much you love her' until ultimately demanding that you "return to Jehovah's way" or whatever she says to mean "come back to the intravenous feeding tube of the JW version of truth, meant for people who don't want to feed themselves whole and meaningful knowledge about anything - religious or secular. My whole JW family thinks and acts the same way. sorry you're having to deal with it. Hope you can get a break from her nagging.

  • LittleToe

    I'd be inclined to add the following line, since she's going to be reading it on the weekend:

    "Oh, and Hi Mom - love you - praying for you everyday, that you might also eventually leave that vile child-molesting cult!"

    Or maybe something more doctrinal that might hit the spot - a single point to drive home.

    Your audience is waiting...

    Every blessing, sis

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    "praying that you'll leave that vile, child-molesting cult" hahahahaha

  • reneeisorym

    Thanks for the support everyone. It means a lot ot me! Renee

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