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  • Squares

    Do you find Jonny Greenwod to be as attractive as I do? Intellect, talent, and a gorgeous jaw structure are wonderful qualities. Agree?

  • Cellist

    I don't know who Jonny Greenwod is, but welcome to the board, Squares.


  • Mystla

    Welcome, Squares!

    I was gonna say he's too young for me, but then I realised he's actually older

    I prefer my men a little meatier.. there's not much too him. 'Course I'm compairing him to the 300lb neanderthal that I'm married to


  • Squares

    Thank you for your kind and most welcoming of words. Who do you find to be attractive? If you are familiar with Jonny, please tell me what qualities of his you find to be attractive.

  • jaguarbass

    Who is she?

  • Squares

    Attention everyone, it appears as though I made a typing error in my original post. The correct spelling of the name is Jonny Greenwood. Does anyone have anymore opinions? Also, jaguarbass, why did you say she?

  • jaguarbass

    Why did I say she? I googled the name and could not find anything. Often when a mans name is spelled incorrectly they call that the dimunitive which is a hint that it is a female. The traditonal spelling I'm familiar with would be Johnny at least in America and Britan. Then the avatar, I figure the picture would be you or she. The high cheeck bones and the small picture look feminine to me. I'm guessing she/he might be involved in popular music the androgynous look has been popular in pop since the days of David Bowie. I cant tell the players without a program. Tell me she or he and who?

    The avatars are small and hard to see. If I saw a bigger picture I could probably tell.

    Actually, the picture looks like my wifes niece. Is that you or Jonny?

  • pobthespazz

    Haven't got the foggiest clue who he is , must get out more.

  • mama1119

    Yes, he's a bit sexy I have to say. Love that jawline.


    Welcome to the board! No, he looks anorexic to me!

    Now this Johnny is hot!


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