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  • carla

    This topic came up on another board and an exjw said he was told, "God sprinkled the bones of dinosaur's because little kids like them so much". There's those darn jw kids asking tough questions again! Better watch those ones, could be a sign of apostasy in the making.

  • TopHat

    Yes, I remember the green bible with the Dinosaurs on the inside cover...I didn't save mine after it started to fall apart. Have no idea why they had the dinosaurs there. Must have been someone's idea in the arts department.

  • proplog2

    The dinosaur that gets me is the one that is as big as the old volkswagon bug that has thick armor on it. Now, why would an animal need such thick armor? What is it defending against?

    I've heard some people say that the dinosaurs were giant lawn mowers - keeping the vegetation in check. Ridiculous! Rodents could do a better job chewing on the roots.

  • needproof

    I had a great experience with an elder concerning dinosaurs. I kept asking him the question 'what was the point' and he honestly said, without laughing, that Jehovah put them on the earth to cultivate the earth before humans.

  • lonelysheep

    Dinousaurs renew my belief in reality.

    I used to love seeing the fossils at the museums as a child (still do). I'd always ignored the apparent clash between religious beliefs vs. the dinosaur-science theories until a few years ago.

  • zack

    I don't know what their purpose was but they sure help to identify the nut jobs and their nut theories. "By their fruits you will know them." Well, aren't JW beliefs towards dinos

    some of the nuttiest ever? "Get OUT OF HER, my people."

  • funkyderek


    Well, looking at scripture, we know that dinosaurs must have been created with the animals on the same day. Also, does not the King James (and the Apocryfer - which mentions Daniel killing such a beast to prove to the babylonians it was not a God) regularly mention Dragons, which suspiciously is rendered as Hyena in our newer translations. We have legends from all over the world of these Dragon beasts, some of the descriptions WILL make your hair stand on end, check out the figures of Acacumbro (or something - pics are available on Bible.ca)

    Dinosuars ARE mentioned in the bible (fiery flying snake ISAIAH ) JOB 40 Behemoth ( 'Beast Beast' an intensive plural - ie : HUGE beast. Elephant would be beast) It is NOT a hippo as it " lies under the thorny lotus trees " or an elephant " It stiffens its tail [ yachpots - Hebrew ] like a cedar " (maybe I think - takes delight in ) Its strength is in its belly and its bones are like tubes of copper - obviously it is something VAST.

    It's good to be reminded sometimes that wacky ideas are not the exclusive province of JWs.

  • hamsterbait

    Woodsman -


    You have dinosaur dung? When I made the trip to Bethel, I just got a few postcards.

    No WAY would I sit with a trowel in a toilet waiting for one of the GB to take a dump.

    This is pure skank.

    My theory was that God just gave the job of creation to his minions, and since they had never made physical life forms before they had to experiment and find out what to do. (Crazy, Huh?)

    Then God selected the one form that would suit his plans best and that's why humans were chosen out of all the other primates. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH - Better than a Botchtower that one.

    The dinos are the thorn in creationism's side, as they imply

    1: God was willing to waste effort on creatures he knew were not needed.

    2: God didn't know what he wanted the world to be like.

    3: God wanted it to appear that it took more than 168 hours to create the earth, so he could send the doubters to Hell (and I don't mean the Kindumb one)

    4: The sequence of dinosaurs in the fossil record gives more support to the evolutionary hypothesis than to others.


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