Have you ever been called on the carpet due to a bible studies activities?

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  • pratt1

    When I was a teen ager, me and another young brother started studing with a school mate around our age.

    This guy had 3 sisters who were absolutely beautiful and everyone in the neighborhood knew of them.

    After the elders found out about the bible study which was held at the guys house, the elders basically demanded that either we have the study at school or my house or bring an older sister (my mom) along on the study.( obviously we couldn't be trusted around these worldly girls.)

    After 2 meetings with the elders I lost all desire to even have the study, so after a while we just stopped.

    Incidently, the elder that had the biggest problem - his son dated one of the sisters and committed "porneia" with her. He was disfellowedshipped because of these and variuos other activities.

  • lawrence


    Maybe you can issue me a part in the program this Sunday as a guest speaker (gotta get that short haired wig). "Brothers, sisters, and those threatened not to speak, tonight the Governing Body has sent me, to give you the good word. The preaching work is over. The message was bogus. The books were a hoax. Resume and detach."

  • found-my-way
    “brother, did you know he would be going down on a sister? A sister mind you!”

    I think the elder is pissed because A) they get to have oral sex and I cant! or B) mad that the study didnt go down on him

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