Instances of JWs causing serious harm?

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  • greendawn

    Can you recall instances where the WTS seriously damaged the emotional health or generally the life of other individuals or you? What I can recall are two young JWs at the congo who had strict elder fathers and ended up suffering severe depression due to the many restrictions in their lives. Growing up as a JW in a repressive and unloving environment is not easy.

  • J-ex-W

    When I was in the hospital having my second JW baby, on the news there was a story of a two JW brothers (13-year-old and 11, I believe) who committed suicide and left a note. It was the fighting and constant turmoil of living in a religiously divided household with elder dad and unbelieving mom that did it. They preferred to 'check out' of the miserable existence they were in and expected to wake up to a paradise earth with their family at peace.

    There are many other instances I can name, including my own. Too many to go into right now.

  • PEC

    1. My mother could not have a brain tumor removed; because, she would not take a blood transfusion. As the tumor grew, she lost her sight, ability to walk, control of bodily functions and finally ability to breath. Ten years of agony, she died at 58 years old.

    2. My sister-in-law could not have a colon cancer removed; because, she would not take a blood transfusion.

    3. My sister, I am not ready to go into that one yet, IMO worse than the first two.

    I hate this F***ing Clut.


  • thebiggestlie

    I fear my mental health is in a constant state of unbalance... periods of deep depression are normal to me. Much of this caused from feeling trapped as a JW...

  • ex-nj-jw

    Personally, I've dealt with depression and anxiety all my life. As a little girl I was afraid to go to the bathroom by myself because I thought the demons would get me, would not sleep by myself until I was a teenager. Always felt I was being watched by someone or something!!!!

    Now that I'm in my 40's, I still battle depression and some anxiety. I don not in the least bit miss this cult, or have any doubts about my feelings. Just had an awful childhood to say the least.

  • rowan

    In every instance a youngster is DF'D. That individual most surely has no support or friends outside the Borg. The family will pressure for him/her going to the meetings and be subject to "the being flyed alive" shunning. His/her dignity shred. after two months of the announcement, he/she will have to sit through a 30 min "local needs" talk that will describe to a gleeful audience what his/her sins were, and in what order they happened, of course, no name given, but the glorius one on the platform will clarify in a high pitched voice "that there have been cases in the congregation...", and given the rumor mill, and that it was you that was DF'D two moths ago, no name given is superfluos.

    I used to have these dreams where I was naked and had people degrading me in front of an audience. I was totally exposed and uncapable of stopping the situation. It was not a "hot" dream, as an idiot once suggested, it was a dream of the situation, of the hopelessnes of it. Yes, everybody in the kingdom hall had a good look at my privates. that's how it felt.

    I am sorry is this is offensive or inappropiate. I am trying to tone it down. moderators, just edit whatever is necessary.

    and now, years later, I don't have these dreams anymore. but a part of me is dead, and I am dysfunctional.

    Thank you WTS. thank you elders. thank you parents of mine for choosing to side with the corporation instead of you child.

    This is just my story. multiply it by the thousands who get DF'D for acting upon their normal physiology and end up getting scarred for life.

    F**k you WT. I hate you.

  • greendawn

    Interesting stories some of personal experiences which highlight the kind of devastating emotional pressure the "loving" organisation of jehovah can bring upon many of its hapless members anything but a picture of love, instead a very ruthless one that reminds us of the middle ages. My advice for those that were ill treated just move along in life, the WTS is just an insignificant cult in the immensity of the world whose members arrogantly and erroneously believe have unusual importance among mankind.

  • greendawn

    Thebiggestlie given your age as you are becoming an adult it's time to move out of the JWs they seem to be causing you a serious "allergy". PEC your family seems to have had more than its fair share of problems from the WTS I can understand your anger against them. Rowan you gave a good description of the inhuman treatment given to teenagers trapped inside the borg. Controlling sexual urges is very difficult at that age but...pray to jehovah.

  • lfcviking
    What I can recall are two young JWs at the congo who had strict elder fathers and ended up suffering severe depression

    I can recall many of the JW Bro's & Sisys having this problem, it is definetely not uncommon in the Org.

  • jaguarbass

    Yes everything you say its to painful to go into details right now.

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