Video of Russells grave ...................NOT a pyramid !!

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  • vitty

    I was watching this pro- WT video. It showed the "real" gravestone of Russell that was definately NOT a pyramid. So whats the deal, have they resorted to lying, and if so why, if it can be easily proved !!

  • NanaR

    I believe that the site where Russell is buried has both a regular stone ON his grave and the pyramid structure near his grave. The pyramid was constructed at his request and to his specifications. Someone has simply left it out of the video. NanaR

  • needproof

    Yeh, Russell actually has two gravestones. The WT often just shows the non-pyramid version. I take it they didn't mention that he is burried on a Masonic gravesite?

  • jwfacts

    Pastor Russell has a head stone. The pyramid as a monument to him is several feet away.

    Souvenir Report of the Bible Students Convention, Pittsburgh, PA. 1919 January 2-5 p.7


    In the exact center of the Bethel lot will be erected diagonally the Pyramid Shape Monument as designed by Brother Bohnet, and accepted by Brother Russell as the most fitting emblem for an enduring monument on the Society’s burial space. The size of this structure is nine feet across the base, and its apex stone is exactly seven feet above the ground surface level.”

  • needproof

    Does anybody have any into on this 'Brother Bohnet'? I always thought it was Russell who designed his pyramid. Did Russell ok the idea before his death?

  • greendawn

    Indeed the pyramid is not at the head of his grave but somewhere to the side. They wouldn't show it because they don't want to reveal the occultic connections of the WTS and its founder. That video is interesting also because it shows they have changed their concept on the timing of the end, now nobody knows the day and the hour yet for years the dubs claimed they did. They also say they don't believe everything that the first two presidents said, in fact they believe very little of what they said. So much for God inspired prophets and channels and their revelations of divine truth most of it is considered trash even by the JWs, old light as they call it more precisely .... false light.

  • aniron
  • LovesDubs

    Ive been to this gravesite. Creepy doesnt describe it enough. The masonic headquarters are like 50 yards away. The pyramid overlooks the roadway into the cemetary and is impossible to miss. The crosses and crowns are all over it as well as "Laodicean Messenger" and other stuff. Russell's grave marker is a few feet away and has pictures on it of him at his desk and a portrait the eyes of which follow you as you walk by. The grounds keeper came up to us and said that the good Pastor comes out and roams around the grounds on Halloween. The day he died. I was seriously creeped out. Not to mention that it was an overcast blustery late fall day. We went after the WNFJ convention. The cemetary is absolutely huge too....goes as far as you can see.

    I took a bunch of pictures of both markers but Im sure there are plenty online here.


  • needproof

    Hi LovesDubs, why not post the pics of your visit to the grave? I'd love to see them.

  • LovesDubs

    These are my pictures.

    Hope this works.

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