Has anyone had a dream that is so .......

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  • LeslieV

    Sometimes I have dreams where someone has told me something, and then for the life of me I can't remember if what I was told was true, or was a part of my dream. Makes me crazy!!!


  • restrangled

    I had the same "demon" dreams for as long as I can remember. They stopped when I finally gave up on the witness thing. Even when I was married, I would be next to my husband in absolute fear unable to reach out to him or ask for help.

    Now, some would say thats because the demons won and no longer were needing to get me to quit but I believe it was because I finally let go of the JW crap and was no longer worried about the same.

    The dream was always the same and I was not able to move, I could feel this dream coming on.....there was a strange feeling in my body.....I could not scream, move, or respond. Just an insane screaming of my mind shouting Jehovah.

    It makes me angry that I grew up with this nightmare ........I spent more nights in torture than I care to think about.

    All due to the WTBS.....indoctrinating me as a young child to fear what wasn't real until I was about 30.


  • UnConfused

    I certainly have. Even recently - you wake up and it takes several seconds to realize that whatever happened didn't really happen. Or at least I'm pretty sure it didn't..................(not talking about naughty things by the way)

  • tetrapod.sapien

    ya, last night actually. it was intense. sort of half waking half sleeping paralysis, with these intense sort of visions when i closed my eyes. i just laid there for like five minutes. i couldn't remember who or when or where i was. i have been having them for a few months now. i see it as subjective of course. i posted a bit on another thread last night when i couldn't sleep:

    then i started having dreams, without the aid of lsd, or mushrooms (though, if you took a spinal tap close to the occurance, you would indeed find large amounts of DMT produced by my pineal gland. see how it all comes around?). these dreams are sort of half waking half sleeping gnostico genetic creepiness. they involve the unyeilding sensation that there is a battle going on for control of my mind by alien/archon type entities that have no relation to me genetically. they seem reptillian, if i were to characterize them. and they flash law enforcement badges a lot. badges of all sorts, with paper documents, trying to exert control and domination over me. and sometimes it feels like i should just give in to them, and let them take over part of my mind because they have found a real weak spot: my ego. but i fight them anyways, siding with the gnarly animal and plant world, of which i am a member as i can (again) see all the 2 dimentional shapes of my extant and extinct relatives cleaving to this tree of life on this planet. the roots are dark, as are all of the organisms. and it's like a battle between the animals and these archon/alien types with badges that want to weild control over me and my brethren for nefarious purposes. and actually, these dreams are the reason i am up this morning at 3 am typing all this. they are rather frightening, actually.


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee
    Oh yeah Bumble Bee---especially if I ate pizza and ice cream before bed!

    HHHmmm we did have a late supper last night. I have experienced lucid dreams, I used to be able to actually change/direct my dreams. I have experienced sleep paralysis before as well. Truly a frightening experience (had it once while awake too - during a panic attack. Thank god it has never happened again). tetrapod.sapien - does sound frightening! I haven't dreamed like that in a long time! Hopefully it will be a long time before it happens again. BB

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