Has anyone had a dream that is so .......

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  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    real that you don't believe it is a dream?

    I had a dream last night that was sooooooo real. I was experiencing something that I really didn't want to have to deal with. I awoke very suddenly, things were not finished in the dream, and I was really disoriented when I woke up. What was I doing in bed? Where's so and so? What's going on? It was a really unsettling experience.

    Has anyone here experienced something so real in their dreams?


  • truthsearcher

    Oh yeah Bumble Bee---especially if I ate pizza and ice cream before bed!

  • unique2u

    Yes- usually about once a month... Takes me a couple of hours to be able to go back to sleep....

  • Asheron

    I have them as well. Very disorienting and facinating. Imagine if you were alive 2000 years ago and had them as Im sure some people did. You wouldnt know what dreams were, had no idea about brain science and were drowning in mystical beliefs. And we wonder why there were so many fantastical stories written down through the ages. I am of the personal belief that many of the so called "visions" in the bible were a result of the belief that dreams were "god given". What else could one believe at the time?


  • averyniceguy

    When I was a teenager, I had a dream almost everynight that I can fly around the world. All I have to do is to stand on the ground and let myself fly with no help. Strange? Uh? When I woke up, I tried to do it, but it would not work.

  • anewme


    Dreams are interesting.

    Some people feel they are understandable and you can learn something about yourself from them.

    I had nightmares nightly as a child. Bad dreams always so dark you couldnt see your way. I was
    always running from something and would make my getaway by running running running and then flying away!
    My mother was always a pale ghostly figure in the dreams who would ignore my cries for help.

    Then as a married JW my nightmares changed. Almost nightly I would dream about being trapped in an awful
    creepy home or building. The walls would move and the floors come up in a wave. Voices would scream at me.
    These were terrifying dreams. (Can you tell I hated the house we lived in?) I would escape by jumping over
    the backyard fence.

    Or I dreamed of having too many animals to care for. I dreamed of bunnies and guinea pigs and parakeets in cages all needing water and food, too many to care for. They were dying and I couldnt get to them all. A vast yard of cages cages cages! I would wake up crying out asking if I had forgotten that we had some puppies or something I had forgotten to feed. My husband would say, "But we have no puppies" Weird, huh? But we did have too many pets and my husband was in a wheelchair. I think I had too many responsibilities and I needed help.

    All the bad dreams stopped almost abruptly when I left the JWs and the marriage and the yucky house.
    Instead my dreams were of District conventions and Circuit assemblies and meetings where I would walk through the midst of witnesses and they would not talk to me, but they tolerated my presence.
    I worked out alot of the post disfellowshipping terrors that way. About a year ago all my bad dreams stopped. All of them. I've even had a couple of lovely dreams.

    I think its no coincidence that my bad dreams have stopped around the same time I joined JWD and have been slowly taking back my life and gaining confidence in my thinking and reasoning ability. I think this has been a key in calming certain fears that have plagued me my whole life. I do have control over my life
    and how I will live it and who I allow in it.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Hi Bumble Bee

    I think you're maybe describing a lucid dream experience, here's a link to Wiki about it:


    I sometimes have them too but not as often as I did when I was young - I think at that time, my subconcious used them to 'take me to a better lfe' than my real one.

    As anewme says, I think many dreams have meanings too - I've been having a lot of dreams lately about being in hospital and also piles of rubbish (which are getting smaller each tme I dream!) - to me, this reflects the clearing out and healing of the bad stuff in my life.

  • mouthy

    As a kid I always dreamt a lion was chasing me (HONESTLY) then when I got married i dont think I ever dreamed -I had 3 small babies by the age of 21 I was so ruddy tired by the time I went to bed I dont think I ever dreamed. Now at this old age I have dreamt about you lot!!! especially the ill ones. I dream of my kids, grand kids, Great Grand-kids... Wake up in a sweat to find out what I dreamt wasnt real.... I do remember when I was quitting smoking ( to get baptised as a JW) I used to dream I was smoking six feet cigarettes. ..OH was so goooood! Then I would wake up & think ...oh well I smoked all night I might as well have one.... So I was back to square one again But I am so glad I did quit. It took me 9 months though...

  • lonelysheep
    And we wonder why there were so many fantastical stories written down through the ages. I am of the personal belief that many of the so called "visions" in the bible were a result of the belief that dreams were "god given". What else could one believe at the time?


  • thebiggestlie

    since i was a kid ive had reoccuring episodes of sleep paralysis which is where you may awake from sleep completely unable to move. it has to do with your brain not switching over from REM sleep to conciousness... in this state you feel trapped in what feels like a lifeless body and often you'll see images from your dreams in your semi-concious state kinda like hallucinations.,, scary thing for an adult let alone a little kid.

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