Best TV Shows no one watched - "Six Feet Under" & "Arrested Development"

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  • serendipity

    My daughter and I are 'Arrested Development' fans. Tobias, Lucille and Lindsey are my daughters favorite characters on the show. I can't tell you who my favorite character was. ;-)

  • UnConfused

    I really liked the Mother, but George Michael gave me the most consistent laughs. I loved it when someone would toss him something and he would just turn or his continual crush on Maeby

    Job and Tobias just cracked me up - "Blue Man Group" etc

    But Jason Bakeman was the Seinfeld of the group that everyone else could play off of.

  • lonelysheep

    "Six Feet Under" is a great show! I watched it from start to finish when it aired.

    I've never seen an episode of "Arrested Development" since it aired at the same time of a favorite show of mine (I forget which one).

  • thebiggestlie

    "freaks and geeks", "my so called life", "ed"..,. yupp those are the shows i miss. I dont watch much tv anymore except the office and lost.... 6 feet under was genius though

  • lonelysheep
    "freaks and geeks"

    I miss that show, too!

    LS of the "I Love Geeks" class

  • UnConfused

    Good call. Freaks and Geeks was an awesome show. I wrote some hate mail to NBC when they canceled that show.

  • J-ex-W

    Yeah, I agree about "Arrested Development." I was just remembering that show the other day and thinking I missed it. Didn't watch it often, but it made me roar when I did!

  • esw1966

    I'm liking 24!

  • ringo5

    "Rescue Me" fan here... funny and tragic

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