Best TV Shows no one watched - "Six Feet Under" & "Arrested Development"

by UnConfused 18 Replies latest jw experiences

  • UnConfused

    These two shows are OMG Good!

    Watch "Six Feet Under" episodes in order for a great drama.

    Watch "Arrested Development" for a smart smart comedy. Jason Bakeman and the narration by Ron Howard are just too good.

    Anyone else fans of these shows?

  • nicolaou

    I don't want to sidetrack your topic UnConfused but I'm simply finding that I watch less and less TV these days. I catch up on the news most days and enjoy good movies, also I'll watch some football if I a decent fixture is on midweek, but that's about it.

  • UnConfused

    Nic - if you had these two shows on DVD you'd be making mini-dates with your wife and enjoying the time together watching them!

  • ignored_one

    I've not seen Season 5 of Six Feet Under on dvd over here in the UK yet. You can get it as part of 1-5 boxset but not on its own for some reason.

  • Odrade

    Dead Like Me. two seasons then yanked- a total tragedy, it was smart and funny and dark.

    I LOVE Boston Legal. And bonus, it's network, so I can see it when it airs instead of waiting for the DVDs to be released.

  • wanderlustguy

    Dead Like Me was "the shit" <------inside joke if you saw the show.

    Tragic that it only lasted two seasons, it was waaaaay ahead of it's time.


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Arrested Development was a show with the most subtle innuendo ever heard on network tv. I loved it. I have all the DVD's and watch it now and again. How did they get away with Michael dating a mentally slow girl without knowing it? Isn't that the height of political incorrectness?

    From Job, to Buster and back again, it was the greatest.

    "Tricks are something prostitutes do Michael, its an illuuuuusion!


  • mia_b

    Yeah, a friend of mine told me six feet under was good, i borrowed the first season of my bro and it IS good - i just cant find/make the time to watch it though!

  • restrangled

    6 feet under was fantastic! Watched the whole thing on commercials. I think its been over 2 years since the final episode......and that last one is amazing....don't miss it, but don't watch it until you have seen everything.


  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Over Christmas break I watched a "Sixfeet Under " marathon and loved it ! Crazy Funny !

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