My Bethel Experince Part V

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    keep 'em coming

  • 5go

    To orange fat cat.

    To answer your question..............I will ask one.........How many black brothers on the GB?....It is a white male dominated organization...........women and blacks are shit. The head of the man is the christ the head of the women is man and..............the head of any black man is the German minded GB.

    One and believe me he is a political apointee. That is he is there to take off the worldy heat nothing else. I bet they make him use a seperate bathroom and fountain.

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    ... ...

  • greendawn

    Definitely not the kind of ambience one would expect to find in the place where the elite top anointed luminaries of the JWs reside and work. They don't seem to be radiating out the right kind of spirit. Very revealing.

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    Thank you, new boy! Keep 'em coming!!!

  • jgnat

    Great job! For ease of our reading pleasure,

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    Bumble Bee

    Ok, it's Monday!!!

    Time for the next installment!!!


  • Blueblades

    I knew brother Brecky and Linderman. I been to those floors and seen the brothers and sisters faces, when really the look inside of those faces was. But they had to pretend to like the work that they were doing, so us visitors would come away with how nice it is to work at Bethel. Who knew back then what we know now, Bethel is a place where you work - slave - for the publishing company.

    Keep em' coming NB.


  • orangefatcat

    It seems to me that working in Bethel was paramount to being a literal slave.

    I recollect working in Montreal at a sisters home, she had lived in Bethel and had been a Gilead graduate. What she told me shocked me. She said that when cleaning the latrines they were expected to use a toothbrush around the toilets and the taps to keep them spic and span.

    Well I can keep my bathroom clean and I don't need to use a toothbrush. I just call that sheer slavery in every sense of the word, They considered sisters as second hand citizens. And how they survived those four years of t orture is beyond me. I love God but I don't think God expects us to get down and clean with a toothbrush. It is insanity.

    I knew a young brother who went to bethel all excited but at any oppourtunity he could leave Bethel's Slave Palace he would party hardy and drink wildly.

    I look forward to reading the other four excerps from newboy. thanks ignat for posting the places to read these strange stories.



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    rolling rock

    Thanks New Boy...

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