Can JW's value life when they OPPOSE abortion but BAN blood transfusions?

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  • truthseeker

    I know Gary - if only the publishers of the quotes would come forward, but from what I understand they only agreed to speak under terms of anonymity for the Four President's publication.

  • Death to the Pixies
    Death to the Pixies
    Bull$hit. Abortion is considered murder by the wts, and had their parents done this and the news got back to their congregation elders, I suspect they would have been in serious trouble, maybe even df'd or considered da'd by their actions.

    I was referring to you guys and the Canadian media. You really have no qualms with freedom of choice at the risk of death, but you do have problems with JWs having freedom of medical treatment for their children.

  • truthsetsonefree

    One thing I'll say. They save the kid, carry him/her to term, then kill it when it needs blood. Talk about stupid....I remember years ago they mocked medicine with a similar argument saying that on one floor of a hospital lives are being taken by abortions while on another they are saving lives by delivering babies.


  • thetrueone

    When religious groups like the jws, start thinking of themselves as the earthly deity from God, stupidity and ingnorance usually appears and a balanced platform of common sense gets diluted.

  • thetrueone

    It is estimated that one hundred jw's die every year around the globe for the simply reason of not taking an transfusion, an awful shame in a human sense.

    Does it not seem scripturally correct to heal somebody when they are sick, Jesus did it when he came upon a sick person.

    The bible says to respect life as if it was your own and Jesus's greatest commandment above all was to love one another !

    Walk in his foot steps if you are to please God and so on..........

    I hardly think by taking in blood from another person in an effort to heal them would be displeasing to god in a biblical sense, you can still respect the

    sacredness of blood in it's meaning and give blood to heal and at the same time keep true to biblical guidelines.

    The abstaining law was handed down to the people then at a time when the religious leaders thought the people were disrespecting the use of it.

    Perhaps they were drinking it, and there is written history to support that. Perhaps they were dying their cloths with it or even painting with it,

    but given the human social mindset at that particular time of history one can only imagine.

    The WTS will never change their policy on blood transfusions and I mean never. All jw's know by now that many of their chosen flock have perished due to not taking a transfusion.

    If this was to change abruptly the damaging effect would be too weakening to their power structure and they certaintly wouldn't take a chance at that.

    The jw's obviously forgot the inportance of the sacredness of life which was stressed even more from Jesus Christ !

    Corruption follows power.......

  • AllTimeJeff

    Does tacit approval on the part of the Governing Body constitute blood-guilt?

    Yes it does. Get in line, organizations that are controversial do all sorts of things tactily that cause great harm. JW's just happen to be very visible....

    I may be missing something here on this thread, but I would like to suggest that first of all, what the Canadian courts did was as balanced a judgement as could be rendered. I do happen to agree that to the extent possible, the wishes of the parents and/or patients should be respected whenever possible, even if it is the refusal of treatment that many would consider essential. This has nothing to do in my mind with JW's, but the larger issue of the right all patients have to accept or refuse treatment...

    THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT JW'S TAKE HUGE ADVANTAGE OF THIS FREEDOM OF CHOICE IN MEDICINE. The R n F make no conscience decisions regarding transfusions, that decision is already made up for them. Regrettably though, their reasons are (in their mind) bible based. I know that there are many cynical and skeptical ex JW who would suggest conspiracy, but there isn't any real evidence of this. I fail to see from a logical and practical point of view if the aim was more publicity what such extra exposure would accomplish FOR JW's.... I mean, it is all negative publicity isn't it?

    Still, it is only a matter of time before JW's are done anyway, and as medicine advances, maybe it won't be such an issue. The point of medicine IS the healing of the sick and ill, and JW's generally do want to feel better. They have a BACKWARDS view of blood, based on a misinterpretation of scriptures, but so be it. This issue has not gone away in 50 years, and it will be around as long as JW's are....

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