The Lords Table

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    Hello Evetteto,

    I found your post interesting, so I wanted to give my comment or question.

    Why do you feel that you are one of the anointed? Can you share that information with us? Also I wanted to know if you were a Jehovahs Witness? How did you receive your calling?

    Also in reply to those who disagree that Jesus Christ was an angel, I want them to refute this information biblically not idealistically. It does not bother me one bit that Jesus is an Archangel. He has done alot for true believers and will do more in the future. If Almighty God wanted Jesus to be more then, he will make those changes. It does not belittle Jesus to be an angel. He was said to be the very first creation. The scriptures says this in plain english. Some people need to learn humility and except whatever gift that God has given them. It's crazy to think that people feel they have a right to enter the Heavenly places of God and they have never even entered into the high places here on earth in this fleshly world. It reminds me of Moses sister who wanted to usurp his authority given by Almighty God himself. God punished Moses sister for her disrespect of his anointed one. Just like Korah the Levite who wanted to seize the priesthood from Aaron who was also anointed by God to perform this service. Korah did not humble himself and appreciate the position that God had blessed him with, instead he wanted to be like Aaron and Moses. He wanted power. It does not matter to me one way or another who goes to Heaven and who resides on earth. I just want to be one or the other when that time comes. I am grateful just to serve Jehovah and know he exist. That's greater than any other gift in the world.

    So to all you Korah like minded ones and to all you Miriam like minded ones, before exultation comes, humility must come first. Those who want to be first in the Kingdom of the Heavens must learn to be last. Those who desire to be great in the Kingdom of the Heavens must learn to serve the least in the Kingdom of the Heavens.

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