The Lords Table

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  • mouthy

    I do partake of the emblems every year DD,,, At a CHRISTIAN gathering... But for me to take at a JW memorial would be wrong. Because I know what it represents. Jesus is higher than Micheal.... Jesus is whom I think of when I partake. I know Paul Blizzard & Todd Langis went to a memorial at the K H & partook. But in my opinion it is just adding to the lie- Because they counted them, So when the faithful JW gets the count they are more confused than ever. the count went UP instead of down. Those poor souls are confused enough so I dont want to add to their confusion...But as I said we are free & if any want to go to the KH and partake it is their choice as for me No THANKS!!! Hope this will not offend any who disagrees (HUG)

  • Narkissos

    I "partook" in the JW memorial twice. First time in 1986, which triggered the whole process which led to my d'fng a few weeks later; second, the following year, in another Parisian congregation where I was not immediately recognised. To me it was an act of personal faith and, to an extent, testimony to people I did care for.

    From my Christian perspective back then, I viewed the issue as follows: I don't care what particular (christological, ecclesiological) spin any Christian denomination puts on the Eucharist. By calling it the Lord's meal, they imply, nolens volens, that they do not make the rules. It is their church, granted, but in that particular moment they are not the host, theyare guests as much as I am. One reason why I appreciate the ritual is that it transcends opinions. It is an act, not a doctrine, in which people of different opinions can effectively share regardless of their particular opinions.

    I guess this might be labeled a "sacramental-terroristic" view...

    Just my two € cents.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    Were you offended when Paul Blizzard & Todd Langis went to a memorial at the K H & partook? Or are you speaking just about yourself? (HUG back)


  • LittleToe

    I "partake" a few times a year, but I wouldn't do so at a KH.

  • greendawn

    Let's remember that the early Christians unlike the JWs partook of the body and blood of Christ every week, every Sunday, before the agape meal. The dubs adopted the yearly participation from one or other adventist group with which they were associating in their early days. The early Christians also made no silly distinctions like the JWs do and all those baptised partook. To the JWs believing in a heavenly destiny is an inner process so they don't openly criticise anyone manifesting this (it's between them and jehovah) though they will consider most young participants as being somehow odd nutcases. And a lot of them, young as well as old, are indeed.

  • Honesty
    If a Christian could stomach the blasphemies before the actual passing of the emblems...

    I eat the Lord's Supper but there is no way I would sit at that table and eat with the counterfeit Jesus of the Watchtower.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    I'll never forget asking a JW friend at a KH after a memorial service , why did no one partake? He looked me in the eye and said "that's only for people with a heavenly hope". How sad!

  • Paralipomenon

    They should pass around grape juice and Ritz™ crackers for those with an earthly hope!

  • mouthy


    Were you offended when Paul Blizzard & Todd Langis went to a memorial at the K H & partook? Or are you speaking just about yourself? (HUG back)

    Yes I was offended . we were warned not to eat with those!!!!! In MY opinion. Also the Bible say as OFTEN as you do it. I do it once a Year .(some weekly, some daily etc:)we all do it when we want. I only am able to get together at PA where I believe there are like Christians partaking of the Heavenly hope....I know I have often thought for me that Would be a miracle remembering my life. Yes I know Romans 8 :1 but I have to learn to forgive myself.....Is that the answer you want DD?????bighug

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    cuz i plan to attend and to partake of the sacraments, for I am annointed of Christ!!

    Are they sacraments ? ------------------------------------------------------------------ Go to the local establishments for the socially needy - there you will find a spiritual feast - those who were blessed, broken and handed out to you.

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