Comments You Will Not Hear at the 2-4-07 WT Study (Justice)

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    I find articles like this one heartening, because it is so obvious that the wts are very worried about the numbers leaving or becoming inactive, and are pleading with the ones still there "stay with us, we'll deliver soon".

    Desperate measures by increasingly desperate people

    Thanks blondie for another excellent review.

  • garybuss

    The interesting thing to me about these articles is they are usually written to the people who left . . . to the people who won't be reading them. They aren't written to those who stay. No attaboys!

    Why would ya start out a study article by saying "PEOPLE ARE LEAVING!"?

    Where's the payoff in that? That seems stupid. Are these guys so far off the trail they don't even know it?

  • bobld

    Thanks Blondie for the review

    The GB talks a lot about themselves as an example: UNRIGHTEOUS JUDGE=WTS/FDS/GB


    The JUDGE=WTS/FDS/GB was unwilling to help the WIDOW=R&F

    The JUDGE (WTS/FDS/GB) has no interest in the WIDOW (R&F)


  • Pistoff
    A few dedicated Christians in some parts of the world appear to have reefed the sails of their ship of faith. The ship is still afloat, but instead of forging ahead in full faith, they have adopted a cruising speed.

    I resent this portrayal of my actions.

    What has happened is this: I realized I was on a leaky, flawed ship that was on a course to nowhere.

    SO: I set charges on the ship, swam to the shores of reality and blew the damn thing up.

    How about that for a bad analogy? No worse than the moronic metaphors and analogies that are belched regularly at the Tower study.

    GREAT work blondie.

  • jgnat

    Thank you for your persistence and dedication to the weekly critique, Blondie. A favorite Witness of mine says he won't read it any more, it is too CRITICAL. I told him, that's what a CRITIQUE DOES. Only the weak won't allow healthy criticism. The harder they try and bury it, the more flawed they remain.

    Go strong, lady. You show the way to critical thinking. I love it.

  • xjwms


    You are the best.! I enjoyed this review so much. It was like it was all about me.

    I have never seen so much guilt poured into 18 paragraphs before.

    OR, maybe I was the brain-washed one who could not see it.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


  • heathen

    yah , just looks like another, "do more article". Looks like they are back to condemning people for wanting a life over selling publications and raising money for the org. Ohh no people want to get married and make some babies , instead of living an immoral life to satisfy their needs .Of course you would have to work more hours to make money because of it but hopefully the are doing it honestly , I think the focus should be on the love of dishonest gain . The bible does not condemn people that want to work honest jobs to support themselves . I'm with garybus and think it's way past time for some gratitude instead of rubbing peoples noses in how much they aren't getting done. They raise a billion dollars a year , how the hell much more do you want ? Is that nothing but greed ? These WTBTS leaders have even tried having a life at the expense of everybody else , just recently read about Nathan Knorr and the sudden end to celibacy at brooklynn . Unbelievable the gall of these people ............

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Another enjoyable comments, thanks Blondie!

    It is truly awful how they equate leaving the JW's as leaving God. They make all the interpretation and claims, and then say people leave God! Its you we are leaving WTS, and all your unhealthy propaganda, long may people slow down in their service to you and be free of your control.

    CS 101

  • Sacchiel

    It is common knowledge for anyone that has been released from the hold of the GB to recognize the twisting of the Holy Scriptures to fit their theology.

    A recent example is found in the second study article of the Dec 15, 2006 of the Watchtower magazine. The magazine still claims 1914 is the year Jesus became King and when his "presence" began. They use Luke 17 in an attempt to pass this off.
    Luke 17: 22 Then he said to the disciples: “Days will come when YOU will desire to see one of the days of the Son of man but YOU will not see [it]. 23 And people will say to YOU, ‘See there!’ or, ‘See here!’ Do not go out or chase after [them]. 24 For even as the lightning, by its flashing, shines from one part under heaven to another part under heaven, so the Son of man will be.

    Jesus does not mince words. His Second Coming will not be in secret, nor will it be recognized after the fact (like how the WT put a new spin on 1914). There will absolutely no doubt Jesus has returned. If anyone is minimally unfamiliar the Son of Man has been revealed it's because He has not been. The WT recommends the readers to continue reading from verse 22 to verse 33, but why not read the few verses after it to keep the context? Simple, here is what the remainder of the text reads.
    Luke 17: 34 I tell YOU, In that night two [men] will be in one bed; the one will be taken along, but the other will be abandoned. 35 There will be two [women] grinding at the same mill; the one will be taken along, but the other will be abandoned.” 36 —— 37 So in response they said to him: “Where, Lord?” He said to them: “Where the body is, there also the eagles will be gathered together.”

    Indeed, the WT does not want readers to venture into this territory because the implications of the Rapture frighten the GB and this biblical description does not coincide with their teachings. Remember, the less explanation, the better. On a side note, verse 36 in other translations is this "There will be two men in the field; one will be taken, the other left behind"
  • willyloman

    This is like getting a letter from Enron castigating its employees for "losing faith" in the company. These employees worked hard for years, sometimes decades, to build up this corporation and make it grow. In addition to their time and energy, they poured their disposable income into company stock because of Enron's assurance that this was a ticket to the moon, financially speaking, and they'd all retire in "paradise," i.e., some country club with golf courses, lakes, rivers, flowers, and fine homes.

    When it turned out the company lied and the stock plunged to zero, the employees lost everything they had invested. Worse, they lost the promised "paradise" they thought they were working for.

    Can you imagine the outrcy from the press and the public if Enron wrote such a letter, blaming its poor, deceived employees for this fiasco and attributing it all to them and their lack of faith in the empty promises?

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