Law Enforcement Connections, Im puzzled

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  • Junction-Guy

    Once again thank you. I dont have many hobbies right now, as my budget is very limited, but if money were no object Im sure I could find plenty of things to do to pass away the time. I guess what bothers me most is that before I left Kentucky I had lots of friends (small town) and now that I live here I cant seem to find them as easily as before. In Kentucky most of my friends worked with me, and they in turn introduced me to their friends, and before long I knew just about everyone in the county. It seems like here the only people I really know are criminals.

  • fifi40

    Hi Junction Guy

    Just wanted to add my ten penneth. I have been out of the org for about 7 years now and despite having worldly friends, for a long while I felt as though I didnt really belong anywhere. I am remarried to a 'worldly' who was raised with no belief in God or religion and as such, can be very critical and dismissive of the impact of leaving the JWs and the effect that can have on you. I have some great worldly mates but for so long I would just keep them at arms length, as a result of the echoes of the indoctrination I was living with. Or in otherwords, in my head I was still to some extent thinking like a JW. Coming on here has helped me a lot. I started reading and posting in October and my eyes were opened. And now I have let those shackles go, I have also let go of that barrier I had constructed between myself and my 'worldly' friends.

    Personally speaking, and I hope it is of help to you but am not assuming such, I think the brainwashing of years of life led within the JWs, can leave you with the feeling that you can only be unhappy if you leave them and if you have contact with any JWs, as I do, they will try to reinforce this. But the mind is a wonderful thing and it can be re-trained. Perhaps it may be of help to you to look up articles of happiness and happy people, to focus on good things and set yourselves goals which will result in you feeling happier. As for friends, I never have a closed mind as to who may become one now. Some of the people I thought least likely are now good friends, as well as the ones you just click with from the start.

    You obviously are having a tough time right now, but dont give up, you have a lot to offer as an interesting and thoughtful person and you will turn that corner.


  • Junction-Guy

    Thanks Fifi, If I could only make some friends, I would be a much happier person. I have tried to keep a positive outlook, but it's getting harder to anymore. I have lost the only woman I ever loved, she was all that I had here in Tennessee. Everything I have done here has failed. Im just in a rough spot right now.

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