How can one convince another that 1 Bible is supperiot then 76 other Bibles

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  • A-Team

    ......especially if that person hasn't read all 77 Bibles? You may or may not aware, there are currently 77 different translations of the Bible widely used in the US Today. I personally use 5 of them (KJV, NIV, AMP, NASB, Message). As a JW, what was the reasoning behind convincing yourself that the NWT was superior to all other translations, especially if you didn't read it?

  • ValiantBoy

    because God's spirit direct organization tells us so

    that was the statement to end any argument or discussion. pretty pathetic to let the words of a few old men take the place of personal research and desicion making. How unlike the Bereans...

  • Honesty

    Because Jesus said that during his royal presence, he would identify a faithful body of followers, a "faithful and discreet slave," and would appoint it over all his belongings. (Matthew 24:45-47; Isaiah 43:10) In 1919 that slave was identified as the remnant of anointed Christians. Since then, as represented by the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, it has been the center of theocracy on earth. Around the world, the Governing Body is represented by Branch Committees, traveling overseers, and congregation elders.

    I hope that answered your silly question.

  • jwfacts

    Start a cult, then the believers will accept anything you say.

  • Mad


    There are SO many reasons the NWT is superior, that I'll start with the most obviuos: God's Name. (I heard that- Trinitarians, eh?)

    Belongs there almost 7,000 times- but replaced with "LORD".

    Before continuing, let's see your thoughts on this!


  • jgnat

    ...and then the WT took all references to "Lord" in the NT and replaced it with "Jehovah". hahahahahaha

  • fullofdoubtnow
    There are SO many reasons the NWT is superior, that I'll start with the most obviuos: God's Name

    Strange, I read the nwt sevral times as a jw, and can't recall seeing yahweh in there once. I know jehovah is supposedly the modern way to write yahweh, but YHWH wouldn't translate as jehovah, would it? Also, I wonder how many times YHWH appeared in the original new testament writings?

    The nwt was translated in such a way as to back up jw doctrines, as in John 1:1, Luke 23:43 - we all know why they put the comma where they did.

    MAD said there are many reasons why the nwt is superior. I can't think of one.

  • Mad

    Oviously you have a hard time thinking. I never read "Yesua" in translations for "Jesus"...Have you?


  • Mad


    Try thinking. Only where they are quotes from the 'Old Teatament' that DID use His name: there was no Greek Equivalent for centuries.



  • jgnat

    So, MAD, you believe the first century Christians were in "error" with their transcriptions of the greek scriptures? I just want to be accurate here...

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