Gays Not OK Pedos OK - WTF???

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  • hamsterbait

    It has just occurred to me that a gay man is very unlikely to be appointed to anything above holding the lollipops in front of peoples' mouths at the meetings. Even tho he gave up the Gay lifestyle to be a miserable Borger.

    Yet pedos are being appointed, and the WTBCS chooses not to know about their past.

    Why is this?

    Is a gay more obvious?

    I know personally of several gay man who are witnoids, and live exemplary lives, show real love to the elderly widows, work hard for the preaching, avoid the (male) orphans, yet the elders make their life a toil.

    And now the news from Oregon.

    HATE is not the real explanation.


  • mia_b

    yeah weird isn't? Never really thought about it. but the borg is totally up itself. nothing makes sense.

  • avishai

    What news from Oregon?

    Yeah, it's Bullshit. Gay's are productive important members of our society. Pedo's should'nt be able to have position simply because they should'nt ever see the light of day again.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings hamsterbait,

    yet the elders make their life a toil.

    They did the same to me and I'm not gay. They(elders) just plain suck.


  • Stealth453

    The only position pedo's should have, is bent face first over a table in the prison cafeteria, with a hundred or so guys lined up and ready to play choo-choo.

  • jaguarbass
  • Gretchen956

    Hell I'm IN Oregon and I don't know WTF this is about. Would someone care to splain?


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