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  • hooberus

    Creation Research Society

    Institute for Creation Research

    International Conference on Creationism

    Professional Journals:

    Creation Research Society Quarterly

    Journal of Creation

    International Journal for Creation Research

  • nicolaou

    Your point?

  • 5go

    Find the nearest cook that's a good start.

  • lovelylil


    Thank you for those links. Many today believe there is no "science" behind the creationist view. But creationist science is an advancing and legitimate theory. Although creation scientists are still in the minority, their "voice" is gaining strength. Peace, Lilly

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    Creation Science - The term the word oxymoron was invented for.

  • kid-A
  • lovelylil

    Kid A,

    What a funny cartoon. Thanks for the laugh! Lilly

  • kid-A
  • Abaddon


    Look, Creation 'Science' isn't about 'science'.

    It is about a small group of people insisting that they are right, and that the Bible is a literal and accurate guide to the origin of this planet and the life on it.

    Rather than accept the evidence that life evolved over millions of years (which does not rule out god or god starting or guiding such a process), they insist it happened exactly as a bronze-age goatherd thought it did. And amazingly the stuff made-up by a bronze age Jewish goatherd is just about as inaccurate and silly as a Creation myth made up by any other racial group of 'bronze age goat herds'.

    As there is massess of evidence to show this planet and life are older than the Genesis account would have us believe, as there are trees growing today which were alive when the Flood is meant to have happened, as the Flood happened when the Great Pyramid at Giza was hundreds of years old (without damaging it!), you have to ask yourself what should a sincere believer do?

    Accept that god could make the world any way he liked, even using evolution, and accepting that as this is hat there is evidence for this is what happened even if bronze age goatherds thought otherwise.

    Or insist that you have the power to tell when the Bible is being literal instead of allegorical, even if there is no evidence it was being literal?

    You choose...

  • Clam

    Evolution does not disprove the existence of the divine, it just eliminates the need for one. You can take as you find but the real qualm that Darwin’s theory has against religion is the literal interpretation of scripture.

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