guilt feelings sometimes

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  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit
    Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit


    Welcome! Thanks for posting. AH. . .guilt, shame. . . the JW's chief weapon!

    I only occasionally feel guilty about my lack of a relationship w/ my parents, but more often, I feel anger at them and the WT org. Anger is more productive, I think, it allows you to place the blame where it belongs, and that is not on yourself.

    Glad you're here.


  • ex-nj-jw

    Hey amara, Welcome as I am also new to the forum!!! My dad was also an elder and I know what it's like. Please stop referring to your self as pagan or living the pagan life, stop using the JW lingo and just try to be a normal person.

    I've been out for 24 years now, never felt guilt just an overwhelming hatred toward that cult. Don't beat yourself up, just try to move on, the anger part I'm still battling.

    Also, I've been on this site almost every day and it's a good way to interact with other people in the same or sometimes worse situation.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Oh yayayayayayyayayyayayayayyyay!

    Amara you made it here! How cool!

    (this is lady fey)

    I am so happy to see another one of my buddies here!

    A huge welcome and hugs!

    Lady Fey

    (BSoM, Meagan)

  • RAF

    Welcome !!!

    (why would you feel guilty for being happy and haven't done anything very bad to someone else?)

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Nah, no guilt for leaving the jws. Just irritated (and somethimes depressed) at my family for being stoopid.

    Anyway, welcome to the board!

  • amara

    glad to be here Lady Fey, I did not realize there were so many of us out here, this is quit awesome really!

  • amara

    thanks ex-nj-jw........ I have been reading alot of post here, I can relate so much to alot of people. I think this is an awesome place. But I say I am pagan, not because thats what the JW's call it but because thats what it is. I consider myself a solitary witch...thanks again for the welcome.

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