I have to aux pioneer?

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  • sspo

    Just go up to her with a big smile and thank her for the encouragement and that you're seriously thinking about it.

    She will feel good about herself and then screw aux pioneering.

  • stevenyc

    Say yes, and make the time up. You don't need to put in the hours, what counts is the report. Take a territory card and work it yourself by researching in a library. If anyone sees you, let them know that you find the most responsive people are those you attract by 'passive preaching'. They'll consider you the modern 'Paul'. Working the territory and the library.

    Never feel guilty for putting in factitious hours. In matrix speak: 'Do you think thats REAL hours reported'. Who give a hoot!

    Right now your in a situation where you know what the org. is all about, but, you have to maintain face. Until you break that, you can give them what they want, which is Hours. It's a number like '60' on a piece of paper that don't mean sh..!


  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Thebiggestlie,


    Performance, Performance, Performance!! These people just irritate the heck out of me when they start standing on their soapbox like that!! Hang in there!!


    Lady Liberty

  • restrangled

    When I hear (read) what was just posted my blood pressure goes up 15 points. Please tell me you told them to "kiss off"


  • Mary
    then she gets defensive and responds as if i had just said some kind of curse or something she said "What do you mean you don't know?!!!! Don't you love jehovah? The slave needs you".

    Just ignore the stupid old biddy. If she asks you again, tell her you've got irritable bowel syndrome and you don't trust yourself in anyone's car.

  • willyloman
    you bring up some good scriptures but i must admit im not gutsy enough to say that to her.

    Don't try to out-argue her. Don't sign up and "pretend" to aux pio and fake your hours. Just look her in the eye and say, "The Bible says to count the cost before you construct a house and I thought about it and I just can't do it this month. I hope my circumstances will improve."

    I learned a little trick a long time ago that eliminates 99% of all confrontations: Memorize what you are going to say (such as the above statement). Keep if short and simple. When confronted, say precisely what you memorized. Then shut up. If the person persists, wait until it's your turn to speak and then... say exactly the same thing you said the first time! I promise you will not have to repeat yourself more than once or twice and she will walk away shaking her head.

  • juni

    Hi biggestlie,

    I remember those days. I used to continually aux. pioneer every month and that was hard for me w/a family to care for. But I was stupid. I ran myself ragged. I remember those "special" months of April and October when they'd turn the thumb screws. It became a race to see how many would sign on for those months. I look back on it now and think how sad it all was. Quite a few signed on not out of love for Jehovah, but because it was expected and they didn't want to look "bad". Most could not fulfill the hour quota. Sad isn't it?

    Biggestlie, it is strictly between you and Jehovah. Don't let other people define what He wants. Also they don't know everything about your life and school commitments.

    If PO's wife gets in your face you could tell her after prayerful thought it is not the best for you right now. If she pushes, tell her it's a long story and you don't wish to talk about it. It's between you and Jehovah. Then walk away. Don't be bullied. And that is what it is.

    Take care and thanks for posting. Hope to see you more!



  • blondie

    The last time I remember the WTS pushing this was the pre-1975 days when everyone went around competing by comparing how many were regular and "vacation" pioneering in their congregation. The one who had the most obviously was the most spiritual.

    My experience was that many who were pressured would get their 60 hours in (50 hours now) and get only 1 hour in the next month because they were so tired. But the numbers looked good for the target month and that was all the mattered.

    But they have been pushing auxiliary pioneering in March, April, and May for some time now perhaps to push up the attendance at the memorial and to offset the dip in "publishers" over the winter.


  • hamsterbait

    Biggest - Honey -

    You say you hate running on the hamster Wheel. You join me on mine, you'd soon be spinning!

    I have a few great things up my cheekpouches you could try!

    I would never Auxilliary pyorrhoea again. Leave the bleeding mouth act to the Crooks. Twice a month, on the 1st and the 15th.

    Blondie - I am sure that it was 100 hours up until the end of the 70s. They changed it to 60, then 50, because more and more found the targets daunting, and the WTBCS worked out that they would get virtually the same money for litterature from somebody who did 50, whereas 0 x 100 brings no cash in.


  • blondie

    Actually it was called vacation pioneering = 2 weels = 75 hours but if you vacation pioneered the next consecutive month it was 100 hours. Either way it was harder than it is today with 50 hours for auxiliary and 70 hours for regular pioneering.

    I wonder if it will be dropped again in 20 more years?

    I know of elders who signed up to auxiliary pioneer and no one saw them the whole month.


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