Why don't YOU believe anymore?

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  • Junction-Guy

    Read Good Books, you are right. The whole world is a trap, the only thing is we werent taught,as JW's, how to deal with it, and that is why I have had such a rough time.

  • hamsterbait

    The talk reinterpreting the reinterpretation of Matt 24, Luke 21, Mr 13 at the ASSembly of 1993 (tote) made me realize that if this was correct, they would have to cut loose from the 1914 teaching, which they did two years later.

    I just started asking myself how much else had God got wrong that he sent his only servants on earth?

    Scientifically they are charlatans. They condemn you to everlasting death if you challenge their interpretation of Noahs story.

    They have deliberately misrepresented scriptures.

    And most of the other reasons already mentioned.

    The sleight of hand changes to the Studies in the Scriptures during 1914 - 1917. (Trying to LIE in retroactively)

    And YES - I had already arrived at these conclusions before I got on the www and was overjoyed to find I was not the only one who had thought and read and searched.

    The pedo, UN, tobacco, and missile fiascos just confirmed my decision.

    The pathetic efforts at damage control, and blaming the sheep for not responding positively to their regular beatings just convinces me that the WTBCS is an organization of immaculate evil.

    Of course some True Blue Witless will claim that I am unable to think for myself, and just swallowed whatever apostate information was given to me. (In much the same was as the dubs uncritically swallow every poisoned morsel of junk they are fed)

    I don't care. One day they will al be just as dead as everybody else on this board. At least I can die knowing I didn't lie to myself.


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