kissing hank's A**

by avishai 4 Replies latest social humour

  • avishai
  • Mysterious

    I've always loved that one. I think it shows the point nicely.

  • Confession

    Classic. I have that as one of my favorite places.

  • LtCmd.Lore

    I liked that one too, it really drives home the circular reasoning to the point of ubsurdity. I have it saved, I was thinking of sending it to some of the dubs I know. Well, the sanitized version of course... otherwise they'd never get passed the title. LtCmd.Lore

  • UnConfused

    "Frankly Hank would prefer a man hug and a chilled beer - oh and some nachos - and while were are at it how about some guacamole - and while you're up grab me another beer please - what do you mean I'm being demanding? I was just aski..... Well you too and in fact why don't you just kiss my ass!"

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