JW's and the care of the elderly

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  • DesirousOfChange

    Lynnie you are in a great position to remind the congregation, your loving mother and cousin's that you are to be treated as if you were dead to them. This is how they have treated you for the past 35+ years. This is no longer your responsibility. They made their choice now they have to live with it.

    I would also quote that WT to them about not making excuses to contact DF family members -- not even to email them. It's simply respectful of you to honor their wishes.


  • Bonnie_Clyde
    You could ask your elder cousin if he can tell you why your mother's long term care insurance policy was cancelled.
  • Gone and forgotten
    Gone and forgotten
    Lynnie at this point you have no responsibility towards any of them. I was told by an elder that since my father hadn't been a real part of my life as I was growing up, that I was not responsible for his care when he became ill. Same principle should apply here. I would respond to the POA, that it is legally his responsibility, and since you are DF'd you wouldn't want to offend your mother's conscience by being in her presence. That ought to frost his cookies.
  • Lynnie

    Funny how the rules can become so "flexible" when an elder is applying them! Now that this situation with my aging mother is getting more serious and her care is in question they have no problem thinking they can just dump this all on me even though my elder cousin still has the power of attorney. I'm going to step back and let them do whatever. I'll visit my mom in assisted care wherever she lands but I'm not helping with the decision making of where! They didn't want my input for 35 years why now??? He could have changed the POA to me 8 years ago if he didn't want to take responsibility and told my mom I should be the one to do it but he didn't! Now that he's dealing with his aging wealthy non witness dad there's "no time" for his aging aunt that is poor! '

  • ToesUp
    Good for you Lynnie! They won't do anything for anybody unless there is something ($$$) in it for them. Typical JW!!!

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