How many JWs die for want of a blood transfusion?

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  • JWdaughter

    S4-I don't know what all happened during your friends colonoscopy, but when anything is found during one of those (and often they do find polyps that are likely to become cancerous eventually) a person is advised to not do anything strenuous at ALL the day of it, and to keep things very easy for a few days afterward-particularly if anything at all was removed. Since so many of us are having them now (my husband has had a few)it is good to be on the cautious side. This is a surgical procedure, and people these days seem to think 'outpatient procedures' are simple and not any kind of issue. PLEASE don't take these procedures lightly. Women who had babies used to be kept in the hospital for a week or more. Now they send one home 24 hours after a c-section. That doesn't mean a person should assume they are good to go. Take it easy-cleaning halls and stadiums a couple days after such a medical procedure is NOT a good thing to do.

    I am not a medical person-just a person who has had enough 'procedures' that it should count for something!

  • Seeker4


    Yes, that was one of the things that was said, that this brother over did it after the procdure.

    I think the point is that he may have ascerbated his condition, created the bleeding, but it seems that the transfusion refusal killed him.

    Again, the Witnesses would say that you can't prove that, and they are always right. But....


  • sammielee24

    Again, the Witnesses would say that you can't prove that, and they are always right. But....


    Yes..just like it wasn't their fault that he overdid it by helping out even though its been drummed into their heads that even if they are sick they should get up and get out in service because they shouldn't dwell on their illnesses. Even though they direct the brothers and sisters to choose the meetings rather than work the schedule they've been given so that they end up under more stress and financial struggles; even though they insist that education is really part of satan's world and it's better to be poor and a witness than rich and a Christian...even though they insist you give up vacations to sell their magazines and hand you a pen to sign your will on your death bed - yep...not their fault..they only tell you what the bible says - must be a misinterpretation on your part if you end up sick, dead, uneducated, alone and poor. sammieswife.

  • Save My Soul
    Save My Soul

    According to the hospital personel that I have interacted with throughout my life, each has a story of a JW dying. They are all different and unique.

    I would hate to have a loved one pass away in death and then the policy change.

  • Gill

    Save My Soul - There are many JWs who have had that very experience. Organ transplants were once banned and so were bone marrow transplants. Can you imagine the anger of those who lost a loved on a few months, a year, even a few days before the FDS pulled that one out of their arses!?

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