Preying on the vulnerable

by carla 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • carla

    I wonder if jw's know that society at large finds it disgusting that they prey upon the most vulnerable? (this is actually a rant I can't elaborate on, but I'm pissed off about it)

  • JK666

    Easy prey is good prey. Survival of the fittest, ANYTHING TO BOOST THE NUMBERS! Numbers are all that the Society is about. Hours, Bible Studies, attendance. What a better way to prove that you are right? Barf me out, gag me with a spoon. JK

  • kls

    That is how jws get most or their recruits. They show them how loving they all are and then how jah will fix everything if they just conform to the jws BS , their lives will be changed forever ,and then the carrot of everlasting life.

    When you think about it , why someone who has never been a jw, has a great life would want to be a jw. I really think if there was a poll taken you would see that most that were recruited were not happy in their lives and were searching for something to fulfill something that they felt they were lacking . Then along comes a jw that plays show and tell of all the wonders jah will give them if only they become the only one true religion.

    Bang, they are hooked.

  • LittleToe

    I find it just as distasteful when I see folks evangelising here, be that Christian, Mormon, Atheist, etc., etc.. It's one of the few things I'm vociferous about.

  • garybuss

    evangelizing =
    1. To preach the gospel to.
    2. To convert to Christianity.

    LT, Can you give a particular example of an atheist evangelizing? I'm struggling to get my mind around that one, or to figure out what post you are referring to. Thanks.

  • dedpoet

    I don't think the jws specifically target vulnerable people, they supposedly try to call on everybody, but I do think they put that little extra in when they realise they have the attention of a vulnerable person. Let's face it, subjectiing someone who has few or no friends to the love bombing at the kh has a fair chance of hooking them.

    LT, I am baffled by your comment as well. I make no secret of being an atheist, but don't try to persuade anyone else to become one.

  • blondie


    Ill health (your own or family/friends)

    Economic problems

    Problems with children

    Marriage problems (relationship problems)

    Death in the family

    Very young or very old



    Immigrants/language challenged

    People in a transition phase

  • lonelysheep

    Yes, Carla, it is disgusting. I was at my most vulnerable when I started studying with them at the age of 21.

    It's aunt of mine and I were talking earlier today, and she was relieved I celebrate Christmas again. "Back to normal, huh?" she said. Then went on to say, "You were off the deep end for while there."

    I told her, "Yeah, I lost my mind after my daughter almost died (when she was born)." But now that I'm not brainwashed anymore, I see things for what they are and see people for who they are. I got married when I was brainwashed and I'm no longer that person. I live realistically."

    So, yeah. They prey.

  • jaguarbass

    I wonder if jw's know that society at large finds it disgusting that they prey upon the most vulnerable? (this is actually a rant I can't elaborate on, but I'm pissed off about it) My observation on your statement is that in my perception of things socieity at large doesnt know or care about Jw's. They are just a cult. They are rarely in the public conciousness.

  • poppers

    Feel free to rant, Carla, when it is comfortable to do so. You are among friends here.

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