Who's Death Most Affects You?? President Ford's or James Brown???

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  • minimus


  • james_woods

    James Brown.

    Simply because he was only 72 or 73, as opposed to President Ford, who lived a long and full life to 93.

    BTW, did anybody notice that Ford was born in 1913? So, I guess he was not one of the millions now living who will never die.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I respected both for different reasons entirely.... this is too apples and oranges for me.


  • blondie

    Apples and oranges....why do I have to choose?


  • undercover

    Well, technically speaking...neither affects me at all. I didn't know them personally nor was there anything to lose or benefit from either of their deaths.

    Now, if you want to know which one saddens me the most...I'd have to say it's a tie. I always respected Ford, even if he wasn't a great president. He got put in some tough situations and he came out of it pretty good and with some respect and admiration. He did live a long full life, nothing to be too saddened over. I admired Brown for what he did in the music world, but his personal life later in life was not much to respect. I mourn the loss of a great singer and artist, but the controversies surrounding him make it hard to mourn his loss more than the former president.

  • Justahuman24

    Neither, I guess.

    James Brown was never a favorite of mine. I didn't listen to his music or anything. He danced well, that's about all I know.

    Now Ford. Well, some people view him as a good president but I think that he did wrong by granting a presidential pardon to Nixon for the Watergate scandal. He should've let him go to jail. He deserved it for being corrupt and for later trying to hide evidence that was bound to incriminate him.

    justahuman - but super nonetheless

  • james_woods

    I did think it was nice for Chevy Chase to say something positive about former president Ford - after all those "falling down" skits he did on Saturday Night Live. He made a very decent statement of remembrance yesterday.

    They mentioned on the news last night that in reality, Ford was far and away this countries most athletic president, having been a football player, active skier, and swimming enthusiast. And, by practically every account, a true and honest gentleman.

    Funny how the media can spin a guy like that into a clutz if they don't like your politics, eh?

  • Warlock



  • lost_light06

    James Ford

    no wait

    Gerald Brown

    wait....... no....... ummmm....... Who?

  • Jourles

    To be honest, neither really. But on the other hand, when I lived up in the CO mountains, Ford was well known for his charitable works. He lived part-time in Beaver Creek. He was really into supporting the mountain community and he helped sponsor many different events. You could actually see his house when skiing down under or going up one of the lifts(I don't remember the name of the lift - one of his neighbors was a tire family, Firestone or Pirelli?). If you were lucky enough, you would run into his secret service detail in their little guard shack if you got too close.

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