The Cooling World

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  • Satanus

    During the millions of yrs that there have been continents w life of many kinds on them, continental drift has mushed together all of the continents into one huge landmass, and then broke it up again into smaller continents. According to national geographic, this has happened at least 5 times. In the future, continents will again be pushed into one piece of land.

    In one of those drifts or crunches, about 95% of life was made extinct, not by god, not by humans, but by continental movement as the root cause. Our warming trend started about 10,000 yrs ago. We are helping it along, somewhat. However, it is merely a blip in planet earth's life. Hopefully, we humans will learn enough about the earth and related factors so that we can work along w and make improvements. Let's face it, the earth was fucked up since it's violent birth zillions of yrs ago. All of nature is seriously flawed too, although there is also a grand beauty to it. We humans may have the potential to improve on it. I hope so.


  • JW_Researcher
    True, but you're also talking some 30-plus years ago when that article was written. There has been a wee bit of new technology and research projects done in the last third of a century, and guess what? You might want to take a look at that. It's easy to be a nay sayer on this, though there are fewer and fewer of you, it seems. Even the oil companies are talking about climate change. Maybe all these scientests are getting on to something.

    You misunderstand. I am not taking a position on this....other than the evidence is not in and that artifically created windows of technological advances only serve to obfuscate the real issue....that we don't know. Maybe we will, maybe we won't but ....regardless of how loud "scientists" clamor, it is only speculation.

    A wise poster on this board once wrote about a different issue ( "I've seen how emotional this issue is in discussions on this board, but I have to say that the level of anger it creates when someone questions fundamentalist beliefs is more than a little scary."

    In light of the fact that I am not taking a position, simply noting that the scientists' positions change in an eye-blink (30 years is very short when dealing with climatic change, without regard to new technologies), and yet you are labeling me a "nay sayer" (sic)... it seems that this is an emotional issue for some.

    A good question(s) to answer "scientifically" might be: "Am I being persuadded by the current politically correct messages? Would I have been screaming about man-made, earth-cooling activities 30 years ago in response to those scientists?"

    Please refrain from putting words in my mouth like "It's easy to be a nay sayer on this, though there are fewer and fewer of you."

    I am not a naysayer. I am not a non-naysayer. My point was never about whether there is or is not "global warming." My point was that the scientists' views on the matter change rapidly and that there appears to be a bandwagon effect. Thank you.

  • barry

    I remember reading somewhere that in Roman times England was warm enough to grow grapes and tahts 2 thousand years ago

  • rassillon

    Hype - it's always Hype if it is cooling warming or turning pink.

  • heathen

    Looks like we are dead ducks then because there is no way the oil people are concerned about polution .Personally I'm not real concerned about the automobile as with the huge deisel generators we use for power that do cause most of the polution . There really is no reason for it at this point , there are alternatives . The best we can do is keep reminding them of the alternatives . Like , remember Katrina or something .......

  • JW_Researcher

    Hype - it's always Hype if it is cooling warming or turning pink.

    Thank you for the website. It has much interesting information.

  • rassillon

    You got it good buddy!

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