want to request jw's to stop coming

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  • c5

    Hello! I am looking for links, websites, and ideas of a good form letter to send to the local congregation to request that they stop calling. Thanks!

  • Justahuman24

    Well, if you're not a Witness and you just don't want them to keep knocking on your door, just tell them next time they come knocking on your door to stop coming, that you're not interested and they'll make a note of it and and they'll know not to come back to your house.

    justahuman - but super nonetheless

  • Kaput

    Just tell 'em you've got a "roaring lion seeking to devour someone". That should keep 'em away.

  • Honesty

    Tell them you pst on JWD and give them a Post-It Note with the link so they can learn all about their little cult.


    Do you really want them to stop calling?..Tell them:"The voices in my head don`t want you to call any more".....Not only will they stop calling,you`ll take 10 years off thier life..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • Arthur

    It's really simple. No form letters are needed. Just send it to your local kingdom hall addressed to the "Service Overseer".

    Simply state that you are instructing them to place your address on the "DO NOT CALL" list on their territory cards. Make it clear that you are opposed to their message and do not want any visits. I don't know if you are an ex-JW or not, but even if you aren't, it wouldn't hurt to state it anyway. It may result in your request being handled quicker, if they think you are an "apostate".

  • Scully

    Put a sign on your door like this one. It works like a charm for me.

  • c5

    Thank you arthur and all. I have jw family that may come to visit from time to time, so the door signs would not work. I am very familiar with the basic request to take your address off of the territory cards. I am seeking more a formal letter that would make it clear cut that not even the "once a year" visit by the elders/ms's to see if we changed our minds would be tolerated, nor the leaving of literature in the doors.

  • avidbiblereader

    Tell them that you are studying with Ray Franz, ask them to come over to your Bible Study, all are welcome.


  • Mulan

    I was just thinking how cool it would be, if all of us wrote that letter to our local KH. Thousands of DO NOT CALL requests. What would they do?

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