Drinking (booze) among "Gods" people......More then ever now?

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  • Norm

    "Da Judge" old Booze Rutherford was a macho guy who thought only sissies didn't drink.
    If anyone is familiar with the Olin Moyle case they will know how much ridicule
    that was heaped upon Moyle for being a "tea totaller". Since Da Judge still cast a long
    shadow into the Bethel today it is no wonder his booze legacy lives on.

    Another factor might be totalitarian nature of life as a JW. It is certainly a dreary
    and sad existence void of much fun and exitment. So alcohol helps a lot as a means of getting away
    from it all for a little while.

    During the Soviet era people living there also used alcohol as an escape from their hopeless lives.
    It is claimed that at any given time 60% of the Soviet population was flat drunk or getting there.

    So there are many reasons for JW's to endulge in the "juice of the grape" and whatever they


  • TheCoolerKing
    I think they have to drink...it's a coping mechanism.

    I'll drink to THAT!!!

  • Was New Boy
    Was New Boy

    One of my favorite stories is about my exfather inlaw. Ben Reagon, he was made an Elder in 1973 in the Newport R.I. KH.

    He looked acted just like "Gomer Pyle" I.Q. maybe 60

    I was at his house when he got this call from this poor black sister who just got beat up by her worldly drunk husband. She was crying and didn't know what to do. His advice?

    "Have beer and forget the whole thing!"

    Elder wisdom at it's best.

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