Baptism and At What Age?

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  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    I was baptized at 16. i noe consider that null and void. If I legally was not able to get married at that age how could they baptize me that young?

    I have always wondered why if we are always told that the things mentioned in the bible are there for us to follow and live our lives by, WHY do we not follow the example set by Jesus and wait until our thirties to get baptized? Why is his age specifically mentioned if not for an example for us to follow? If Jesus had been baptized at 16 and that was mentioned in the bible you sure as hell can believe that that would be the age EVERYONE would be baptized by. Are they scared that with out that control over us that even more of us would leave the org? And so what if more did leave why would they want them around any way if there were not right for their organization. Shouldnt they be concerned with the quality of each witness rather thatn the quantity? If Jesus felt comfortable going around and preaching and teaching to others through his teens and twenties and not making that public declaration of water batism until his thirties why is that not good enough for us to follow?

    I agree, Annalice!

  • free2beme

    I have asked that question many times. At the same time, if Witnesses did not allow this, they would see little growth. As most people who are raised Witnesses, are responsible for about 90% of all the growth in the world.

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