And God Gave Us Grace [Mouthy!]

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  • Mary
    Mouthy said: I just wish I was a silent person, but I am afraid hell would freesze over if that ever happened

    You mean you wanna be like me? Gosh! I'm so flattered!

  • juni

    Here's another Sir Tom Jones picture for you Granny Grace.

    Now I have to get you some back. to our "Lady" Grace!!

    Love, Juni

  • mouthy

    You mean you wanna be like me? Gosh! I'm so flattered!

    Juni!!!!THANK YOU THANK_YOU!!! Imagine woke up at 8.00 to hear Sir Tom singing I am a LADY!!!! ( the only problem is it keeps stopping??? I have to keep pushing the pause button to make it continue) Your SO clever Juni!!!!I love it......(((((HUG)))))

  • TowerWatch

    Love you Grace!

    Thanks for being there for my daughter while I was still in the dark shadow of the Tower!


  • mouthy

    HEY CAL!!!! I just read your post!!!! TWINS!!! Boy some fellows have real FULL arrows LOL..I was not the Mediator when you were in the shadows darling HE> Jesus Christ was ((((HUGS GRANDAD!!!!!

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate


    Wishing you many blessings for 2007!

    May your fingers never cease to find the keys on your keyboard,

    May you always be warmed by the fires of love,

    May you never want for anything.

    Thank you for giving and sharing your heart with us,

    Eternally Yours,


  • reneeisorym

    You are a sweetheart. I was great meeting you in PA.

  • mouthy

    If all these wondeful things that are being said about me continue...I will NEVER be able to get my head & chest to hang out the window.(BIG). You guys sure know how to make an old lady feel wanted Thank you all for your so kind comments.... Kate thanks for your e-mail. Rennie >hope you will be at PA next year also.. It is the happiest time of my whole life Thank you ALL ((((HUGS)))

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    bttt - for Mouthy!



  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Four years later ... For you, dear Grace, from your grandkids:

    What a lovely thread....If I kick the bucket tomorrow I am gonna roll up this thread & take it with me ( wherever I am headed )lol Mary!!!!!! I am embarresed But thanks !!!!You too Gumby, All that posted here Cos of course I know God sees the heart ,,,,You guys cant see mine Thank God LOL

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