"In lieu of flowers, please donate to the World Wide Work of JW's"

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  • Atpeaceatlast

    I saw those exact same words in an obit I saw about three years ago. To make matters worse, or at least with me, the boy I got in trouble with back in '85 was giving the funeral speech for the deceased sister!

    Some people never learn : (

  • blondie

    I keep track of all the JW funerals in this area; never seen this done regarding the worldwide work. It must be one of those regional things. I don't see anything unusual with it in the sense that I see other obits suggesting donations go to the person's preferred charity.

  • Wild_Thing

    Yeah, I am thinking it must be something regional because I did not see anything about it in the Charitable Planning brochure. They had everything else in there! But not anything about donations in lieu of flowers at funerals.

  • simplesally

    At least they gave him a plot and headstone. If I died, I have to have someone cremate me since I don't have even that!!

  • undercover

    I've seen this happen one time. I only remember it because it was after I had started my fade and an elderly person from my old hall died. I heard about it through the family JW grapevine and I mentioned something about sending flowers and it was told to me that they preferred that donations be made to the WTS in the deceased's name instead. I quietly dropped the subject and sent neither flowers nor money.

    Another practice sometimes done is to have brothers standing around handing out brochures at funerals/graveside services. I shared in that at one service. Several brothers, myself included, were strategically placed around the graveside and when the graveside service ended and everyone started leaving, we handed one out to everyone that we didn't recognize as a JW. Not one of my more cherised memories. I'm embarrassed now that I ever took part in that.

  • Stealth453

    I keep trying to donate to the WWW of Witlessing, but the envelope just gets soggy and falls apart.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    To Those Who Wish to Make a Difference With Their Hard-Earned Money:

    In Lieu of Flowers, Please Make a Big Donation to the World Wide Web:

    The Information Highway.XXX

    Truthtellers Vociferous.XXX

    Afraid No More.XXX

    Save Your Family.XXX

    Behind the Mask.XXX

    Et Cetera, Et Cetera...............XXX


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    This has been done in my area for a long time. Sadly, when my father passed several years ago, my mother did the same thing.


  • Scully

    Personally, I think Simon should post a banner ad that says

    In lieu of donating to JWD, please click the WT-related Google ads to help support and fund JWD.

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