God Is Love

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  • JamesThomas

    Abr, actually our feelings toward life, are no so different; and ultimately, there is no difference at all.


  • kid-A

    "Who are we to check the hand of the Most High, we are so finite and dont understand hardly anything in the end, very small minds."

    >Read the above quotes again, signed by your god. If I were to encounter a megalomaniac egoist such as the character described in your bible, I would run very fast. We dont understand hardly anything? Its not difficult to understand the harsh, dictatorial brutality espoused by your ridiculous, anthropomorphised god-creature.

    "I still believe that we don't understand everything but I understand enough not to question the Almighty"

    >Wow. Reallly pitiful. The mighty power of self-delusion, so mastered by the religious. You understand enough not to "question"? Ergo, you understand enough not to use your critical thinking skills, your ability to reason or use deductive logic? Do you find it interesting that the deputies of Hitler had a similar "unquestioning" attitude to their Fuerher?

    "and when all the dust settles, there will be an explanation."

    >So you willingly admit your god is employing deception and subterfuge to "communicate" with humans? Instead of being honest, he prefers to play infantile games and riddles with us lowly mortals until, in his infinite love and majesty, decides to reveal his "divine" scheme?

    "That is what my faith says, I still believe he is a God of love, waking up tomorrow to an earth still rotating and food and a hope proves that to me."

    >Interesting, because by all the evidence provided in the first post, he is a jealous egomaniac hell-bent on satisfying the lust of his own ego. Wow, a god of "love" that sits on his sacred ass while innocent babies starve to death, while genocides take place, while murders take place every 6 seconds while half the worlds population lives in abject poverty, disease and starvation. Yup! Sounds like a sweetie! Amen!

    "I trust the Bible and my God through Christ."

    >No problem. Its a free world. If you choose to trust a self-contradictory liar and deceiver, more power to you. Whatever gets you through the night......

  • Abandoned

    Silly, those rules about love are only for imperfect humans. You can't expect a "perfect" god to live up the unreachable rules he places on his imperfect creation.

    To make this easier to visualize, I like to think of god as a wife-beater. A wife beater comes home from the race track and tosses his coat on the floor and kicks his shoes off in the middle of the room. Then he yells at his wife for keeping such a messy house. Then he screams for dinner but since there isn't any money coming in, it's cracker soup again and he yells at her some more and whacks her across the face. The wife beater caused or was at least complicit in the conditions of the house, but blames everyone but himself for the results.

    Now if there is a god that created everything then he created everything. Period. If he were more of a man than the wife-beater mentioned above, he would stand up and take responsibility for the part of the problem that he owns. But no. It's satan's fault and adam's fault and eve's fault and the israelite's fault and the demon's fault. I can see why the watchtower never admit to any errors - they are only following god's brilliant example.

  • smellsgood

    I think many people misunderstand the nature of love.

    Is love just a fancy, just a feeling? What pop artists sing about?

    Love is a temple, Love is a higher law :) Love is the higher law.

    Let's understand things in a multidimensional way, where something can be sweet and also salty. They're the tastiest granola bars around in fact.

  • FlyingHighNow
    so unless a man has revealed that to you, it's non-admissable.

    That's silly. You know why? You fellows are going on the claim of so called Christian sects or fundamentalists if you will, that the Bible is all written by God through the hands of men. You don't believe the Bible is all written by God: or that it's an accurate summation of life as we know it. Why do you think all Christians believe the Bible is that?

    The Episcopal Church, for one, is a major denomination that does not believe that scripture is all 100% written by God.They use science, love and reason to figure out that which is from God and that which is from humans. They aren't dogmatic about it. Individuals believe what they want to believe.

    When you critique the Bible as you have in this thread, you are answering only fundies like the WT society. Don't make the assumption that all sincere scholars of the Bible take it hook, line and sinker as the gospel truth of God.

    You can see from the first post in this thread that the old testament and new testament do not speak of the same God.

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