I've been invited to go on a habitat for humanity build

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  • hoser

    I've been invited to go to Central America for a week on a global village project.

    Are there any possible issues that the congregation might have with me doing this?

  • FayeDunaway

    Lol don't you know that you're just supposed to WATCH the world suffer so that you can say 'see? Armageddon is close, it can't get worse!'

    it's distinctly non witnessy of you!! Otherwise, the only ties habitat for humanity has with Babylon the great is that jimmy carter and his wife are very Christian. I don't think this charity is directly tied to a religion tho, at least not officially. I don't think they can indict you of anything directly.

    Go help people!!

  • hoser
    My cult training kicked in and I reactively said no. It is not until next year. I might talk it over with mrs hoser tonight.
  • whathappened

    The brothers would say this is energy and resources you should be directing to furthering "God's Kingdom Interests," aka free labor to further the interests of the publishing/real estate corporation known as the Watchtower Society.

    You will be shunned and seen as unsuitable association should you even "think" about doing this!

  • neverendingjourney

    It's definitely a religious charity. If you're trying to avoid trouble with the elders, you might want to make sure they don't find out.

    From Habitat's mission statement:


    Mission principles

    • Demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ.
      We undertake our work to demonstrate the love and teachings of Jesus, acting in all ways in accord with the belief that God’s love and grace abound for all, and that we must be “hands and feet” of that love and grace in our world. We believe that, through faith, the miniscule can be multiplied to accomplish the magnificent, and that, in faith, respectful relationships can grow among all people.
  • brandnew
    @Hoser , Handle your buisness , and do what the [email protected]$!# you want to do......and if any [email protected]$!#[email protected] tries to tell you what to do.....tell that lame or lames...to KICK ROCKS! ! !!
  • brandnew
    Last i checked .....I WAS OVER 18.
  • Vidiot

    I know sometimes it's hard to remember...

    ...but what you do with your time is none of their business.

  • hoser
    I can go on vacation to the same place swim, snorkel enjoy some shows, drink until I puke my face off and it would be overlooked but if I swing a hammer so a poor person can have a house I could be in trouble with the congregation
  • brandnew
    @Hoser......my friend.....do it. And then .....do it again.....and if you feel like it.......again. ; )

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