CHRISTMAS FOOD SHOP..........???????????

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  • vitty

    So when will you be doing it? This is a real dread for me as I hate grocery shopping at the best of times.

    Considering xmas day is on Sunday and all the shops here are shut on xmas eve (saturday) and the veggies will be the same stuff today as tomorrow, im wondering if its too early to go today and get it over and done seems a long time to have veg in the fridge.

    Decisions , decisions...............

  • blondie

    We shop on Thursdays routinely. There are some big 24-hour food stores here as well so you can beat the crowd if you are a night owl. I hate crowds so my hubbie does the shopping. I can't push the cart anyway.

    There is always that last minute item.


  • Clam

    LOL Vitty it's a hard life isn't it!

    Christmas day is on Monday for starters!

    I'm off to get all veg today. It's so cold outside I just take it out of any packaging, put it in a storage box and leave it in the garage as a kindof "cold store". Potatoes. Parsnips, Carrots, Lettuce etc. Should all easily keep fresh until the big day.

    Have a good one!


  • bubble

    Hi Vitty, I hope you remember from a previous thread how much I love shopping!!!

    I will be setting my alarm for 5:45am tomorrow morning and will get down to my local 24 hour Tesco's and relish in the biggest food shop of the year. I am catering for 12 on xmas eve (Sunday) and just me, hubby and kids on xmas day (monday) and me, hubby and two friends on boxing day (tuesday).

    OOOh I love to shop!


  • vitty

    LOL Vitty it's a hard life isn't it!

    Christmas day is on Monday for starters!

    Ha....................Im such a fool...................but it is the first time ill be celebrating properly !!!

    I wish we had 24 hour opening round here.

  • bubble

    Went shopping at 6am this morning, it was dark and foggy! Spent an absolute fortune.

    Happy Christmas everybody. XXX

  • nelly136

    local supermarkets here are turning into a warzone, i'll take a leisurely wander out to a farm shop later today when they've cleared the mess up from the m20 crash that was causing gridlocks on the A roads where theyre diverting traffic.

    i still wonder why theres so much panic buying and greed when the supermarkets (3 of which are 24 hour opening) here are only shut for one friggin day.

    my friend braved tescos yesterday and said it was chaos, people were abandoning cars all over the carpark and blocking other cars in which was causing a lot of heated incidents. the night shift there are on full staff cos the shelves are being emptied through the nights too.

    no way am i putting on a flak jacket just to buy a bag of potatoes and a few sprouts.

  • vitty

    Well I went shopping yesterday, it was quite so I was very pleased. Ive now realized ive forgotten a couple of things I need and im going to have to go again.

    Im so fed up. Im sitting here putting it off for as long as I can.

    Its the parking thats the problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanus

    We paid off a Chrisco Hamper this year, so we got most of our stuff delievered at the start of the month. It came with lots of cupboard goodies and frozen meats and vegies, party plates and Christmas Crackers. Pretty well everything we needed. So we're right.

    I'll be off to cook the Christmas dinner, before long.

  • Scully

    We don't do a Christmas dinner in the traditional sense - nobody really cares for the big turkey dinner in our family, so for the past several years, we have had a buffet style dinner with various snack type things: cheese and crackers, some cold cuts, veggies and dip. And we play cards and board games together, or watch favorite movies. It's just a few extras to pick up at the store, and I always try to get to the market as soon as it opens to avoid the crowds.

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